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The CW picks up 'Swamp Thing' for Season 1 but fans believe it's the wrong home for the show

The fans feel like the dark tones of 'Swamp Thing' make it a bad fit for the CW, and believe it belongs on HBO Max
(DC Universe)
(DC Universe)

The CW has picked up the license to 'Swamp Thing,' as well as acquiring several other shows. There is no news yet of when the canceled show will air, but it will be the second DC Universe show to appear on The CW after 'Stargirl.' Fans, however, believe that the dark tones of 'Swamp Thing' make The CW a bad match for the show and have let their feelings known online.

"I heard the news about swamp thing and I got really happy until I read it got picked up by the cw :/" wrote one Twitter user. 'Swamp Thing' was released in 2019, but news of its cancellation a mere five days after the series premiere leaked before the series could even finish Season 1. Starring Derek Mears as Swamp Thing and Crystal Reed as Abigail Arcane, the series follows the adventures of a mysterious creature from the swamp that claims to be the recently killed Alec Holland. 

Many fans feel like the show would do better on HBO Max and possibly crossing over with 'Justice League Dark' - a similarly darker DC property. "HBO Max would be the choice and best opportunity for it. Especially since Justice League Dark is going to be on there and it would’ve been the perfect set up into it.Just hurts seeing how much Swamp Thing is getting shafted here," wrote a fan. "Just move swamp thing to HBO max man it dosnt need that treatment," said one fan, of the CW's lighter tone. "Maybe if Swamp Thing is received well on CW, he'll appear in Justice League Dark," wrote an optimistic fan.

Most fans feel like the CW is just not a good fit for the dark tones of 'Swamp Thing.' "I don't think Swamp Thing's dark tones will fit into CW universe. UNLESS someone brings back Constantine show" reasoned a fan. "Swamp Thing to the CW?? Nope, I am afraid of what the CW writers will do with it. I'll stick with rewatching Season 1," said another fan. "I can't imagine how this is going to go but my guess is badly. Swamp thing was so unlike anything the CW has ever produced," a fan said. "That’s too rough for the CW. You need a teenage romance story for Swamp Thing. Lol" reasoned another.

There are some fans, however, who are cautiously optimistic. "This can be either a miracle or a curse: it could get renewed for a second season back on its original platform, OR they could add the show to that soap opera trash called "arrowverse" and give swamp thing a batman storyline and background cameos on their crossovers," noted one tweet. One fan wrote, "Ugh if the cw can kinda maintain the vibe and the way Swamp thing was made then ill be on board, highly unlikely as they'll probably stick to the formula they know and love but itd be a breath of fresh air if they continue it with the same tone, image and storyline." Another warned, "Nice. Though keep it dark. No reason for a Swamp Thing musical episode."