The CW's Arrowverse edges tantalizingly closer to Justice League with a 'Superfriends' reference

An Arrowverse Justice League has been teased for years, and 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' comes as close as we've ever gotten to getting one

                            The CW's Arrowverse edges tantalizingly closer to Justice League with a 'Superfriends' reference
Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Wonder Twins, and Gleek on 'Superfriends' (IMDb)

Spoiler alert for Part 5 of 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'.

The CW has been hinting at the creation of a Justice League in the Arrowverse for years. Now, and in the final scene of 'Crisis on Infinite Earths', they got as close as we've ever gotten to the team's official formation.

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was left Star Labs and all its subsidiaries by Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanaugh), who was impersonating Harrison Wells at the time. One of the buildings left to Barry was an old, unused Star Labs building that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Hall of Justice, a structure used by the Justice League as a headquarters. It's been the most famously seen in the 1970s animated 'Superfriends' series. Barry unveils a table that's surrounded by chairs that bear the logos of the CW's top heroes. A table with the motifs of the team is another Justice League stable, and the table's unveiling is as strong a Justice League reference as it gets. 

The Superfriends references are underlined when laughter is heard, and an empty cage containing the word 'Gleek' is shown. Gleek was something of a mascot for the Superfriends. He is a blue alien monkey, a pet to the Wonder Twins. If the references weren't enough, there is a shot of the Hall of Justice as the 'Superfriends' theme plays in the background, a moment that's a standard and oft-repeated shot from the animated series. The 'Superfriends' were essentially a child-friendly animated Justice League, geared towards younger audiences, bearing a much campier tone.

The CW is rife with references to the Justice League. On Earth-1, the Central City Police Department contains a mural that represents the ideal of 'Justice' — a mural which on Earth-2 instead represents 'Society'. It's a telling Easter Egg, as Earth-1 is traditionally the home of the Justice League, and Earth-2 the home of the Justice Society.

Fans were also thrilled to see the Hall of Justice make a major appearance in the 'Invasion!' crossover, as the assemblage of heroes in that spot seemed to indicate the first forming of the League. The CW continues to play coy with the subject, however, as the words ['Justice League' are never actually spoken aloud.

The CW is still being overt in its references, however, with "Join the League" being part of its marketing campaign. 

With the 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' bringing in the biggest names, themes, and references from a truly impressive number of franchises, the only way to top it in the next Arrowverse crossover would be an official Justice League appearance. For now, though, it remains only speculation, but there is still plenty of satisfaction in seeing the CW's greatest heroes all in one place — and one Earth — ready to stand together again the next time that Earth is imperiled.

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