'The Curse Of Oak Island' Season 8 Episode 5 Preview: Could the 'strategically placed' boulders lead to the Money Pit?

The Laginas will pay more attention to the boulders, as they could lead to the Money Pit

                            'The Curse Of Oak Island' Season 8 Episode 5 Preview: Could the 'strategically placed' boulders lead to the Money Pit?
(History Channel)

For a while now, the Laginas and the team have been investigating boulders on the island, as they're sure that it could just lead to the Money Pit. There has been much discussion on whether these boulders were placed by men, rather than natural causes. These boulders will be the focus of the upcoming episode, going by the synopsis.

The synopsis reads, "Strategically placed boulders could point the team directly to the Money Pit vault..." The previous episode saw the return of the Knights Templar theory with much flourish. The Laginas have been looking for evidence for years regarding the activity of the Knights Templar — and when we say looking for evidence, they've found relief in the most bizarre of theories that the Medieval Christian Sect had buried treasure on the island.

Last season, their fellow historians had told them that there was a geometric figure in Nicolas Poussin's paintings, which could lead to the buried treasure. This geometric figure was nothing less than a treasure map. In Episode 4, the team finds a "perfect line" that starts from Jerusalem, that leads through Versaille, and ends at Oak Island. Could this be the origins of the Oak Island mystery? They're sure that the Knights Templar dug up Solomon's treasure that consisted of the Menorah, that *could* have been taken to North America for safekeeping. The Menorah could have been buried at Oak Island. This investigation isn't easy and would require intricate digging up of Oak Island. 

Meanwhile, this season saw some new theories too. After Gary Drayton and Jack Begley discovered a Chinese coin on the island, they began to ponder over the possibility of Chinese working on the island too. Did the Chinese bury treasure here? 

They also discovered an ox foot. When the team took it to blacksmith Carmel Leggae, he theorized that it was the British. This led to another set of fascinating theories: Were these oxen used to offload 'something heavy' into the treasure pit? What was their connection to the legendary treasure that has been plaguing historians for years? The Fellowship were sure that it is a team of oxen that has been transporting something valuable into the Money Pit. The oxen foot also showed that there was strong industrial activity on the island. Drayton and Jack Begley pondered over the possibility of finding several of these in one area, which could lead to a track between the paved wharf and LOT 15, as well as the mysterious anomaly in the swamp. 

'The Curse Of Oak Island' airs on History Channel, Tuesdays at 9 pm. 

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