'The Curse Of Oak Island' Season 8 Episode 3 Preview: Did coin belong to Chinese laborers who worked on the site?

In the latest episode of 'The Curse Of Oak Island', the team will attempt to unravel the mystery of the Chinese coin

                            'The Curse Of Oak Island' Season 8 Episode 3 Preview: Did coin belong to Chinese laborers who worked on the site?
(History Channel)

Season 8 of 'The Curse Of Oak Island' is already promising to be an exciting one. After finding something looking suspiciously like gold in the first episode, the Fellowship have chanced upon something that seems like a Chinese coin, thanks to Gary Drayton's new metal detector.  This gives rise to several questions: Did the Chinese bury treasure on the island? Or did it belong to Chinese laborers who worked on the site? For years the team has tried to prove that there has been Spanish and French activity on the island. 

In Episode 3 of the History Channel show, the Laginas and their team continue working towards their goal: To edge closer to the treasure and hopefully solve the mysteries of the island that has been plaguing historians and researchers for over centuries. They will attempt to understand the coin and its origins. 

In Episode 1, Oak Island researcher Doug Crowell had discussed two historic Barringer surveys previously carried out by two treasure-hunters on the island, Fred Nolan and Dan Blankenship, which were never followed up. This was despite the fact that the two surveys indicated underground tunnels, including one that leads to the famed Money Pit. One survey also indicated that there are four possible targets of buried non-ferrous metals, which as the team’s metal-detecting expert Gary pointed out, could just be gold. In the latest episode, apart from other excavations on the island, the Fellowship try to understand this revelation as they believe that there are tunnels from the swamp, Smith's Cove and LOT that could lead to the Money Pit.  It's strange that no one followed up on these revelations. It has been 30 years since these theories and valuable time, not to mention money has gone into scouring the island thoroughly.

In the previous episode, the team almost got their hands on what they believed to be gold.  Diver Tyler Newton went 170 feet underground and found a "gold shiny" object, that slipped through his fingers and fell further. This just might have been the key to the legendary treasure that was said to have been buried on the island centuries before and the historic eureka moment that everyone wanted. It seems as if the Oak island team is onto something and that they could have just found their way to the tunnels. Yet, that would require more expensive equipment and tools. 

'The Curse Of Oak Island' airs on History Channel, Tuesdays at 9 pm. 

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