'The Curse Of Oak Island' Season 8: Does the Chinese coin have bits of green? Fans 'suspect' Kermit the Frog

Fans have an unusual theory about the Chinese coin

                            'The Curse Of Oak Island' Season 8: Does the Chinese coin have bits of green? Fans 'suspect' Kermit the Frog
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It's always a joy to read fan's tweets on 'The Curse Of Oak Island'. Season 8 is proving to be quite an exciting one, though we still haven't come close to finding the treasure. BUT, our Fellowship or rather Gary Drayton found a coin, that is speculated to be Chinese. When they take it for further investigation, there appears to be a 'bit of green on it' and that itself led to fun theory by a fan who says that it could just be from Kermit the Frog.

Fans enjoy watching the show purely for its entertainment and are always skeptical about the numerous discoveries that the team makes. "It has a bit of green on it #curseofoakisland Could have it belonged to Kermit The Frog? Was Kermit on the Island with Miss Piggy," a fan wrote. 



"Frustration on Oak Island? Could it be! and It's still a mystery. How many quotes can he make in one session. #OakIslandCursers #curseofoakisland #oakisland," a fan tweeted, quoting the usual excitable narrator, Robert Clotworthy. "Maybe somebody collected Chinese coins #OakIslandCursers #CurseOfOakIsland #oakisland," another wrote.





Currently, Gary Drayton and Jack Begley have just discovered oxen shoes and they're desperately looking for a trail that might lead them to the legendary Money Pit, and hopefully find the treasure once and for all. "Name something that isn't possibly connected to the digging of the money pit... I dare you. #OakIslandCursers #oakisland #curseofoakisland," a fan wrote. "Of course, Gary and Jack are going to find something. They always find something #CurseOfOakIsland," another wrote. 





For years, treasure hunters have scoured Oak Island thoroughly, in the hope that they will be the ones to extricate wooden chests filled with gold. The tale behind this manic search began centuries before the show ‘The Curse Of Oak Island’, in 1795, young men discovered a depression in the ground beneath an old oak tree on Oak island, leading them to the conclusion that there’s treasure buried there. The hunt continued in the late 1800s, with little success but more ferocity. And then began the ‘curse’, where five humans perished in the hunt for buried treasure. According to the legend, in order to solve the Oak Island mystery, seven had to die. And so, the Lagina brothers, decided to take on the task head-on. They haven’t discovered any treasure no, but have formulated some bizarre theories, including the idea that the island is the hiding place for the Holy Grail and the lost folios of William Shakespeare.

They found hints of gold as well, in the Season 8 premiere. What next?

'The Curse Of Oak Island' airs on History Channel, Tuesdays at 9 pm. 

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