'The Curse Of Oak Island' Season 8: Did the diver find gold? Fans say 'shiney thing' is Ferrero Rocher chocolates

'IT COULD BE THE ILLUMINATI!' a fan commented

                            'The Curse Of Oak Island' Season 8: Did the diver find gold? Fans say 'shiney thing' is Ferrero Rocher chocolates
(History Channel)

Fans have a tremendous amount of fun watching 'The Curse Of Oak Island'. The show is currently in its eighth installment, and the Lagina brothers and team have still not found the mysterious treasure that was said to have been buried on the island, years ago.

However, in the Season 8 premiere, the team seems to have found a hint of gold. Island researcher Doug Crowell revealed that in the chaos of the pandemic he was isolated on the island and was going through Dan Blankenship's original work, along with a map drawn by Fred Nolan. The surveys indicate tunnels to the Money Pit, and the presence of metals, which could just be gold, according to Gary Drayton. Surprisingly, they never followed up on this information. 

A diver is sent underground to excavate and scour, with an expensive camera. Hints of gold are spotted, and this could have been a historic breakthrough, except that the diver loses the coin that falls to the murky depths. Yet, there are signs of several coins hidden in the area, and the Oak Island team can't help but jump up and down in excitement.

Fans are highly skeptical and have been flooding social media with their reactions. "I've solved the mystery. The shiney gold thing is Ferrero Rocher chocolates," a fan tweeted.


"#OakIslandCursers #OakIslandWatchParty #curseofoakisland A gold Triangle?? Could this be related to...the illuminati," another wrote.

"The #curseofoakisland is like being in a long term relationship that’s going nowhere, you know you need to get out, but you feel you have so much time invested in it you’re afraid something big might happen right when end it," a fan wrote. "#curseofoakisland #OakIslandCursers I THINK IT'S TIN FOIL," another tweeted.

The fan-favorite is Gary Drayton, who almost always discovers something exciting on the island every episode, only to find out that his theories are null and void. "@CurseOfOakIs there an official Gary Drayton signature model metal detector? And if not, someone should be signing you to an endorsement deal really, really fast... #curseofoakisland #OakIslandWatchParty," a fan tweeted.




For the past eight years, Rick and Marty Lagina have been struggling to unravel the mystery of Oak Island, which has troubled historians and scholars for the past two centuries. 

'The Curse Of Oak Island' airs on History Channel on Tuesdays at 9 pm. 





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