'The Curse Of Oak Island' Season 7 Episode 9 sees the team make a 'historical breakthrough'

'The Curse Of Oak Island' Season 7 Episode 9 sees the team make a 'historical breakthrough'
Dan Henskee and Rick Lagina (IMDb)

Have they found the treasure yet? Hell no. But did they find another clue that could lead to it? Hell yes. In Episode 9 of 'The Curse Of Oak Island', the team is convinced that they are just a tiny bit closer to finding the money pit. 

This might seem like a regular refrain for this series, but the fact is, the team is sure this time. Yes, really, after much examination and more geometry that you would need to know, they deduce that they are 14 feet away from the money pit. The swamp, as we are made to believe, is man-made to cover up the treasures.

Their digging might have finally paid off.  It is interesting to note that at the beginning of the episode, Rick Lagina has a moment of self-awareness when he says that they've usually had assumptions and theories, but this time he's sure they're on to something. "It's huge," and they all agree.

Hats off to the team, for spending hours, months and years in constant mud and dirt, to uncover the fabled treasure that was supposed to have been buried years ago. Turns out, after much calculation, the treasure might have been buried 800 years ago.


The episode was a little tame and not as entertaining as the previous episodes, and though the words "historical breakthrough" came across at the end of the episode, it doesn't really sink in.

They didn't discover strange artifacts with much historical relevance. These finds usually add much weight to the episode. Yet, the episode ended with a silver lining of hope.

They just "might" have found the ceiling of a tunnel, which was found at a depth of 100 feet. There were drains to hide the money pit, which they're now closing in on. And good news, in case you were missing the Knight's Templar references, they came at the end of the episode.

The next episode shows the excited team discovering what they think is a "silver coin". Could they have come closer to the treasure? 

'The Curse Of Oak Island' airs on History Channel on Tuesdays at 9 pm.


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