'The Cry' actress Jenna Coleman receives high praise from fans on social media for her "amazing" performance

Coleman is a fan favorite after her role as Joanna in BBC 1's 'The Cry', and Twitter is a standing proof that the show is a hit among viewers.

                            'The Cry' actress Jenna Coleman receives high praise from fans on social media for her "amazing" performance

Jenna Coleman played the role of a young mother who struggles with the aftermath of childbirth in BBC 1's adaptation of Helen Fitzgerald's 2013 novel, 'The Cry'. Starring as the protagonist Joanna, Coleman portrayed the darker side of motherhood that everybody encounters but no one actually speaks about. Dealing with postpartum depression Joanna finds herself ensnared by the dark side of motherhood, something she wasn't prepared for, and things get worse when she has to go to Australia with her husband Alistair, played by Ewen Leslie, who wants to regain custody of his 10-year-daughter from his previous marriage. 

As the show has already aired on BBC as the fitting descendant of the Richard Madden starring, 'Bodyguard', whose slot was given to 'The Cry', fans and viewers are rounding up Coleman's excellent performance by praising the actress' skill on Twitter. Among the praises, fans are also claiming that Coleman should be voted for at the 2019 National Television Awards whose voting lines will open on January 22. One fan commented:



Some fans specifically marked out Coleman's acting in the series finale where Joanna, initially a mother filled with guilt, takes up a life-changing decision as she breaks away from the shackles of an abusive relationship. While fans could not wait for Joanna to take the final step, Twitter filled up with cheers for the woman who ultimately takes things in her own hands. One fan commented, "I haven't hated a fictional character as much as Alistair since Voldemort. That. Was. Sensational. Jenna Coleman is everything", others rejoiced along with Joanna when she emerged a victor. "#TheCry is literally one of the best things I’ve ever watched. Beautifully executed and @Jenna_Coleman_ is utterly captivating."




Fans also praised Sam Chiplin, the 'Safe Harbour' cinematographer, who gave 'The Cry' its mundane sunny tone which seems to overlap with the show's theme of postpartum depression. A fan commented, "#thecry's cinematographer needs a bafta, the whole look of this is amazing. That shot where it's all warm then instantly cut to dark and blue was beautiful." It is true that Chiplin's subtle play of raw umber and zaffre has given the show the appropriate background which focuses upon Joanna's disturbing state of mind. 




For Coleman, it was the complicated nature of the characters in 'The Cry' that pulled her into doing the show. During a conversation with Deadline, the former 'Doctor Who' star stated that it almost felt for Joanna that "every scene is at breaking point.” "So much of episode one is about being a new mother in such an unflinchingly honest way but the story then takes on such a different psychological element. I also feel each episode is its own thing; the disintegration of Joanna’s psychology and then being in the camera lens of the media." The Cry' has completed its run on BBC 1 since its launch in the UK on September 30 and is set to debut on Sundance Now on November 8, 2018.