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'The Crown' Season 4: Is Emma Corrin dating Harry Styles? Speculation surrounds star who wows as Princess Diana

The duo met at one of Styles' gig last year and also share the same stylist, Harry Lambert, and have a couple of mutual friends, making the link stronger
UPDATED NOV 16, 2020
Emma Corrin as Princess Diana (Netflix)
Emma Corrin as Princess Diana (Netflix)

The much-awaited Season 4 of ‘The Crown’ is upon us and the viewers are in absolute awe with the stunning Princess Diana played by Emma Corrin. With Season 4’s premiere, Corrin, 24 is also entering the world of stardom with her first major break in acting. But with the show’s peak popularity, there are already rumors about the English actress’ dating life where she has been linked to “THE” English boy craze, One Direction’s Harry Styles.

Though not much is revealed publicly, a source reportedly told The Sun that the duo met at one of Styles’ gig last year and also share the same stylist, Harry Lambert, and have a couple of mutual friends, making the link stronger. The source told the Sun, “so it's quite a nice link between them,” adding “They’re both private people so no one seems to realize they are actually mates.” 

Though the duo has reportedly bonded quite close over the past year, there is nothing romantic yet, the source revealed. “There’s nothing romantic between Harry and Emma but they became friends because they know loads of the same people,” the report also revealed. Corin who has managed to stay away from the limelight till now, and expects her life to shift dramatically after the show airs, so she likes having a friend who knows how to handle stardom, the report said. “She is expecting her life to change dramatically when 'The Crown' airs, because suddenly everyone will be interested in who she is, so it’s nice to have pals like Harry who know how to deal with fame.”

Corrin, much like her on-screen persona is navigating through the new paradigm shift of life with paparazzi following her and a new-found nation’s interest in her personal life. She told in an interview that she would rather not have a boyfriend right now to "take care of herself". Corrin who has adhered to the complexities of her on-screen persona also shares her first impression when she read the script and talked about the arranged marriage of Prince Charles and lady Diana. "I don’t think it was intentionally an arranged marriage," she said, adding "That sounds too calculated. But through expectation, tradition and a need for Prince Charles to get married to the “right” person, she came along and was, yeah, pretty perfect." She said, "When I read Peter’s script...I wanted to shout, “Why aren’t you leaving? Why don’t you go? Why don’t you get out?"

Corrin is a natural in her adaptation of the on-screen complexities, so much so that her dialect coach William Conacher shared, "Sometimes it was hard to believe she hasn’t been acting for the camera for decades. One of the first things Emma told me was that her mother is very like Diana. So much so that after Diana’s death, people used to do a double-take when they saw her. It’s in the blood. Emma was made to play Diana."