The fate of your favorite Coronation Street characters has been decided: Check out who's leaving and returning to the soap

The fate of your favorite Coronation Street characters has been decided: Check out who's leaving and returning to the soap
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Coronation Street is one of Britain's longest-running soaps and it looks like the show is set to bring some of its most familiar faces back to the television screens.

However, there are a few characters whom we will have to bid a goodbye and this includes some of the major names. Here's a look at everyone who will be joining or leaving the cast. 

# Jim McDonald

Charlie Lawson confirmed that his character Jim McDonald will be joining the cast once again. Jim is currently in prison after he was arrested for robbing a building society. Fans started speculating that he will return to the show after the news came that he is said to be released this year. Now, the actor has himself confirmed that he will be making a comeback to the show. Talking to Mirror, Jim said, "They wanted me back full time this year but I couldn’t do it as I am doing Rebus on stage, and a thriller. I’m going to film a bit but then will be back again next year.”


# Nick Tilsley

Nick is also going to be yet another character that we will get to see on the show once again. Nick, who is played by Ben Price, left the show last year after his girlfriend Leanne Battersby had a baby Steve McDonald.

At the same time, following a near death experience in wich Nick almost drowned in quicksand, he decided to rethink the decisions he had made in his life. 

A source close to the actor confirmed to The Sun that the audience will get a chance to see the character of Nick on the screen once again but how he will return to the show has not been decided yet.

"Exactly how Nick will be brought back into the fray is still to be decided," the source said. "But the Platts, and in particular Nick, is a massive part of the Corrie family and always at the heart of some of the show’s biggest storylines. Producers are currently coming up with a bombshell way for him to come back to Weatherfield."


# Lewis Archer and Claudia Colby

Lewis, who is played by Nigel Havers, will also be returning to the show. At the same time, Rula Lenska, who played the role of Claudia Colby will also be joining the cast. It is believed that the two will be becoming part of the show in two separate storylines. An ITV source said: “Producers are delighted to have Nigel and Rula back. They were both hugely popular on the show, and it feels like an age since either of them was last on the cobbles."

"They are returning this summer but at separate points and in different storylines. Both stories will involve Sue Nicholls, who plays Audrey. Smooth-talking Lewis will have his eye on Audrey, while Claudia is a real thorn in her side, trying to poach her staff and stealing her customers. It will be lots of fun and much more like the Corrie comedy of old.”

# Ryan Connor

Ryan Prescott will return to the show in the role of  Michelle Connor’s son Ryan Connor. The first few scenes of Ryan on the show sees his character getting into a huge row with Michelle’s husband-to-be just before their wedding.


Along with Ryan Connor, Wayward Ryan, who is not the biological father of Connor, will also be coming back on the show later this month.

After leaving the show in 2013, it would be great to see Ryan come back to the show after four years. 

# Eva Price

Since 2011, the character of Eva has been played by Catherine Tyldesley. Unfortunately, she will be leaving the show very soon. The Coronation Street bosses confirmed that her character will be exiting the show in December. The showrunners have not yet addressed how they plan on making her exit. 

# Pat Phelan

Connor McIntyre made his debut in 2013 with the character Pat Phelan but he will not be returning to the show. Even though he is noted to be the most prolific villains, it seems like his character is said to have a dramatic end. 

# David Platt 

The character of David has been in the show since the birth of Coronation Street. At first, the character was played by Thomas Ormson and later Jack P. Shepherd took over the role in 2000.


At present, the character has been embroiled in a plotline involving male rape.

While the storyline is a first for Coronation Street, there is still no confirmation on whether the character will be staying on the show or bidding the fans a goodbye. 

# Aidan Connor

Shayne Ward has been playing the role of Aidan since 2015. However, it has been confirmed that his character will be exiting the show this Spring. One of the theories about his death is that that he may suffer complications after it was shown that he donated his kidney to his sister Carla on the show. There is a possibility that the death of Aidan might be the emotional goodbye. 

# Rosie Webster

Rosie is yet another character that has been part of the show since its birth in 1990. The character was previously played by Emma Collinge and then Helen Flanagan replaced her in 2000. Helen will be taking a break from the show as she is due to give birth to her second child. It is not yet decided if Helen will return to the show after welcoming her second child but we sure would love for her to return to the show. 


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 The Coronation Street characters returning or leaving the show