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'The Chi' Season 3 Episode 10 Ending Explained: The finale ties up most plotlines but there's scope for Season 4

While there is no official announcement, what we can be sure of is a new season that could throw light on some unexplained plotlines
(Parrish Lewis/SHOWTIME)
(Parrish Lewis/SHOWTIME)

Spoilers for 'The Chi' Season 3 Episode 10 'A Couple, Two, Three'

It's a happy ending for most of the characters of 'The Chi' this season and while there is no official announcement about season 4 at the time of writing, what we can be sure of is a new season that would tie up some unexplained plotlines. However, should Showtime decide to leave it be with season 3, there is still a sense of closure. This article breaks down the storylines of the characters in the finale:

Kiesha's looking forward to living again

(Elizabeth Sisson/SHOWTIME)

Kiesha Williams' (Birgundi Baker) kidnapping was the central plotline of season 3. After being rescued by Ronnie (Ntare Mwine), she was still haunted by the physical and mental trauma she endured at the hands of her kidnapper and took to therapy to gain some control of life. In the previous episode, it was revealed Kiesha was pregnant. Initially torn between abortion or to give birth, she decides on the latter after heartfelt conversations with Jada (Yolonda Ross) and Tiffany (Hannaha Hall).

The series ends with Kiesha gearing up to running again showing she's ready for life's curveballs.

Jake is in safe hands

Michael V Epps' Jake was one of the characters struggling in season 2 after the death of his brother Reg (Barton Fitzpatrick) in the final episode. In season 3, he's shown to be under Douda Perry's (Curtiss Cook) care where his schooling is being taken care of. Even though Perry tries to use him for his mayoral campaign, the plan has a spanner thrown in it with the arrival of his brother, Trig (Luke James). The season sees Jake caught in a custody battle between Perry and Trig.

Trig finally wins, however, Perry approaches him with a deal to work for him so he could continue to fund Jake's education. If there is season 4, the question is will Jake be a victim of Trig's business with Douda of running the streets?

Papa matures up. Big time

(Photo Credit: Parrish Lewis/SHOWTIME)

Shamon Brown Jr. had quite the ride this season. He has a steady girlfriend, two great friends in Kevin (Alex Hibbert), and Jake. But his regular life was shattered when his father, Pastor Stanley Jackson (Tory O Davis) was arrested for money laundering. This gives him a new outlook to a life where he may have forgiven his father for taking money from Perry and Camille Hallaway (Lena Waithe), the other mayoral candidate, but he knows the route he will take to be a better person in life.

Emmett and Tiffany finally tie the knot

How long can Emmett keep up the dutiful and faithful husband attitude? (Photo Credit: Elizabeth Sisson/SHOWTIME)

Since season 1, Emmett (Jacob Latimore) has been shown to be a player. The man's an absolute baller. His never-ending flings with women have made him the casanova of 'The Chi'. Things change in the finale when he finally gets hitched to the woman who was always by his side. After his fling with Dom (La La Anthony) finally making him realize how much he loves Tiffany, he goes down on one knee straightaway on Smokey's inauguration day and proposes to her.

The only question though, is how long can he keep up the dutiful and faithful husband attitude?

Life slowly limps back to normal for the Williams

The season began with Nina (Tyla Abercrumbie) getting married to her girlfriend Dre (Miriam A Hyman). It hasn't been an easy ride for the couple and Kevin after Kiesha's kidnapping. Internal conflicts and disagreements rose, Kevin had his own love life issues to deal with and the family as a whole suffered. However, with Kiesha proving to be ready for life in the end, it was also a relaxed and happy moment for Dre and Nina.

What are your thoughts on 'The Chi' Season 3 Episode 10? Was the finale a great one? 

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