'The Chi' Season 3 Episode 6 Review: A bittersweet day for Kevin, Kiesha and Ronnie in 'Woo Woo Woo'

'The Chi' Season 3 Episode 6 Review: A bittersweet day for Kevin, Kiesha and Ronnie in 'Woo Woo Woo'
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This review contains spoilers for 'The Chi' Season 3 Episode 6: 'Woo Woo Woo'

'Woo Woo Woo' is a bittersweet episode for most characters in the episode. Each of these characters on the show has gone through the extremes, be it joy or sadness, and for the day, it does seem like they can take solace from all that's happened so far and live to enjoy that moment. Over the last couple of seasons, the audience has seen the evolution of Kevin (Alex Hibbert), and now it is safe to say the teen has come into his own.

From being the grumpy Lil tyke to a charming, witty teen, Kevin celebrates his birthday in the episode. Jemma (Judae'a) might have been his new steady date, but Kevin isn't a guy who could be bought and he makes the point clear to her rather rudely, if we may add. With Kiesha Williams (Birgundi Baker) still kept captive and the news of her disappearance spreading across town fast, the news that he hoped would be kept low becomes public knowledge upsetting Kevin.

Jemma tries to buy him a gift and hopes he would talk, except he doesn't. However, as bittersweet moment #1 of the day, his family and friends throw him a surprise birthday party that compensates for the fight with Jemma. And Kiesha manages to get a call made to him to hear his voice, even she doesn't utter a word. Jake (Michael V Epps has a hard time trusting Trig and things finally reach a point when the latter tells him the truth— Douda ordered Reg's (Barton Fitzpatrick) shooting and the stash of money he'd hidden away before dying would help Trig get custody.

For Jake, that's the moment he's probably been yearning for. Reg wasn't exactly a role model for a brother and Douda isn't a great father. But in Trig, he could have both, and hopefully, that's the start of better things to come. Ronnie, Oh! Ronnie (Ntare Mwine). It does feel like, for every goof thing to happens to the man, something bad just waits to greet him like an old friend. There might be a lot of emotion going into what's being said here, but when things quickly go from promise to tragedy, it's heartbreaking.

Trig's still a better bet for Jake (Parrish Lewis/SHOWTIME)

Ms. Ethel (LaDonna Tittle) has been an integral character in Ronnie's life since season 1 and now she's no more. Ronnie can take comfort for two things— For being the best grandson he could, and for giving her a chance to relive the past with Foxxies, her jazz club that she owned at a point. It is a peaceful death as she dies in her sleep and for the man, while she was the last person he could call family, he now has his church to fill in the place.

'Woo Woo Woo' has it's minor storylines as well. The mayoral elections see the war between Douda (Curtiss Cook) and Camille Hallaway (Lena Waithe) heat up. With his very own mother supporting the latter, time's running out for Douda and he starts using his mother as a reason to advocate mental health as part of his campaign. Will it pay off? Nobody knows, but the dirt slinging is far from over. Kiesha's abductor gets fully shown in the episode and indeed, he is a resident of the south side. 

Our money is still on Ronnie to rescue Kiesha. 'The Chi' airs Sundays 9 pm ET on Showtime. 

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