'The Chi' Season 3 Episode 3 Review: 'Buss Down' rekindles love, resonates with the Black Lives Matter campaign

'The Chi' grows strong in what comes as a piece of sheer timing, there's a sense of despair at one end and the start of beautiful love at the other

                            'The Chi' Season 3 Episode 3 Review: 'Buss Down' rekindles love, resonates with the Black Lives Matter campaign
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Spoilers for 'The Chi' Season 3 Episode 3: 'Buss Down'

While it may be cliché for some, love is a powerful tool of communication. They say it breaks barriers, builds bridges, is a sign of acceptance, it's mysterious but yet as an essential factor in people's lives. LTD's 'Love Ballad' is a classic that has lyrics that go: "I have never been so much, in love, before, what a difference a true love made in my life / So nice, So right..." And when this 1976 cult love song plays, there's a sense of connection with the audience as the integral characters experience romance, while some embark on a journey of passion.

'Buss Down' still focuses on the aftermath of Kiesha Williams's (Birgundi Baker) mysterious disappearance. Parents Nina (Tyla Abercrumbie) and Dre (Miriam A. Hyman) along with the rest of the community start off a frantic search for the missing teen by distributing flyers across town and all the while, there is that inescapable feeling that something horrible has befallen. These are testing times for Nina and Dre as the couple tries to stay as normal as possible.

The episode also highlights the plight where Black people and communities have accepted the fact that they are not going to be helped by anyone other than their own. This statement comes as a resounding slap, but sadly, almost everyone knows that this is the truth and that's one part of the storyline for the Williams family. Kevin (Alex Hibbert) and Jake (Michael V. Epps) approach Trig (Luke James) for help in dealing with Nuck. Although reluctant, Trig and Imani (Jasmine Davis) do it for Jake.

Except, their mission leads nowhere. However, this gives a glimpse of Imani's troubled past and the duo decides to help those sexually abused. This is certainly a new twist for Trig's storyline as he and Imani are fast-moving to be parental figures for Jake. Meanwhile, things get off on a rocky note for Emmett (Jacob Latimore) as he and his new partner, Dom (La La Anthony) start off their night kitchen. The business may have been solid, but the two quickly realize they need help.

Jasmine Davis as Imani and Luke James Boyd as Trig (Elizabeth Morris/SHOWTIME)


Emmett's personal life comes into focus when Jada (Yolonda Ross) lets him and Tiffany move into her place while he focuses on business and works on getting a new crib. For Jada, who's been at the receiving end of wrong relationships, finally gets goes out with a fellow nurse and hopefully, this one blooms into something she always wanted— love, affection, and a stable relationship.

Finsta or better known as Fake Instagram accounts has been a rage, and 'Buss Down' highlights the ill-effects and the ramifications these accounts pose. It is revealed Kiesha as a Finsta where she uploads nude and racy pictures of her and people believe this might be one of the reasons for her abduction. While the news of her account comes as a crushing blow to Nina, Dre urger her to focus on the larger picture even as the support group they go to, headed by Tracy (Tai Davis) gives them a sarcastic and reluctant welcome.

Love is something Ronnie (Ntare Mwine) has been struggling for throughout the last two seasons and now, he sees a ray of hope when Papa's father helps him after he gets beaten up by a bunch of teens. His words to Ronnie are about forgiving oneself, and that would be a start to erase the past.

The final minutes see Ronnie notice a suspicious person at Kiesha's vigil and he attempts a chase.'Buss Down' is about love, acceptance and understanding. It brings in some of the ills of the community these people are part of and outlines the unfair treatment meted out to them. 'The Chi' continues to grow strong in its third season and in what comes as a piece of sheer timing, the storylines resonate with the entire Black Lives Matter campaign making it a hard-hitting and impactful series to watch. 

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