'The Chi' Season 3 Episode 2: Fans hope Keisha isn't dead, laud Kevin for standing up without fear

It has been two days since anyone heard from Keisha

                            'The Chi' Season 3 Episode 2: Fans hope Keisha isn't dead, laud Kevin for standing up without fear
Keisha and Alex (SHOWTIME)

Spoilers for 'The Chi' Season 3 Episode 2 'Brewfurd'

Keisha Williams' (Birgundi Baker) mysterious disappearance was one of the main talking points and her absence even by the end of the episode worried some of The Chi's ardent fans on Twitter. To quickly recap, it has been two days since anyone heard from Keisha. Nina Williams (Tyla Abercrumbie) and Dre (Miriam A. Hyman) search for her, but the latter manages to track her phone down and while Ronnie (Ntare Mwine) might have helped her find it, the actual headache is far from over.

"Keisha bout to be missing for a week... help us, Lord #TheChi," wrote one of the fans. "They better not kill Keisha man #TheChi," a fan prayed. "They did not end this episode without finding Keisha. #TheChi," a fan asked. "Look now, I’m tired of the suspense... come back and tell me more! #TheChi," a tweet read. "I was watching a true crime doc about an unsolved murder in Chicago and a local said 90% of Chicago's crime happens in the same (5) neighborhoods. #TheChi," a fan said.

"OW!!! #TheChi came with a missing black girl and phobia toward #LGBTQ community," a fan wrote. "#thechi the sad truth Kiesha is more than likely dead we won’t find out until like the last few episodes," one of the fans tweeted. "Where is Kiesha?! #TheChi," asked a fan. With Kevin (Alex Hibbert) on the search for his sister after getting Nuck's address, he rallies Papa and Jake, and the trio head to the address to find if Keisha's there. Kevin's defiance was showcased when he stared back at Nuck without fear.

And that won hearts. "With all that he's been going through he still stands with his head held high so proud of you Kev @SHOTheChi #TheChi," wrote one of the fans. "Kevin missing school trying to find out if his sister is missing school #TheChi," said another fan. "I ain’t never seen Kevin so sure of himself !!!! Whew !! I love it #thechi," opined one of the fans after catching the episode. "Nahhhh this is too dangerous of a topic for Kevin to hide the fact that his sister is missing! Kids tell your parents the second your sibling isn't where they said they would be. Every second counts!" a fan remarked. "PaPa to real & conscious of living in #TheChi Protect PaPa @ all costs," wrote a fan. "Kevin been through hell... you think he cared about a gun in his face? #TheChi" asked a fan.

Will Keisha be found safe? Only time will tell. 

'The Chi' Season 3 airs Sundays 9 pm ET on Showtime. 

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