James Patterson's 'The Chef' sees Cory Tucker fit right in playing Caleb Rooney

James Patterson's 'The Chef' sees Cory Tucker fit right in playing Caleb Rooney

Over the years, we have seen actors portray roles from fiction and non-fiction novels in films or TV series. In 'The Chef' a multimedia interactive-fiction experience, available exclusively on Facebook Messenger, we come across an actor that portrays a character from a book as a real person.

James Patterson, one of the world's best-selling authors, recently cast Cory Tucker in the lead role of Detective Caleb Rooney in his new fictional thriller 'The Chef.' Tucker is known for his roles with Michael Bay in 'Pearl Harbor' and playing Buzz Aldrin in 'Transformers 3 - Dark Side of the Moon'.

Cory Tucker (Media Handout)
Cory Tucker (Media Handout)


Playing the role of Detective Caleb Rooney on 'The Chef', Tucker has been featured in photos and videos on social media with his character's own handles, bringing the book to life in app-based storytelling for a revolutionary online marketing campaign. Tucker plays a "police detective by day, celebrity food truck chef by night."

What makes 'The Chef' stand out among other novels, is that it features a first of its kind multimedia interactive-fiction experience, available exclusively on Facebook Messenger, blurring the lines of fiction and reality. In a statement, Patterson said, "Ten years ago, if you told me I'd see one of my novels come to life through scrolling chat bubbles, video and audio content, I would have laughed. But exploring new ways to connect with fans is important to me and Messenger's experience for 'The Chef' not only makes the story more accessible to readers across new generations but offers an enticing and thrilling read like never before."

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Tucker revealed his biggest challenge playing the role of chef Caleb Rooney, and the similarities between him and his character. Starting off by talking about the challenges he faced, Tucker revealed he faced none. "To be honest, I didn’t find it challenging. Like I mentioned, playing a detective is what I do. I love high drama, crime thrillers. If the shoe fit, ya know!" he said.

He spoke about how he and James co-ordinated to set the direction of the character and interact with the audience. "James Patterson holds the characters he creates close to the cuff. Sometimes you audition for things and they just fit. They gave me the book and plenty of time to prepare. Developing a character is much easier to do when the writing is good. Obviously, James Patterson is a talented writer," Tucker added.

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Talking about the similarities and differences between him and Rooney, Tucker said, "I love to cook. I am a beast on the grill. Besides that, I just do my best to stay on the right side of the law." We asked Tucker if he were to write his own book what would his story be, and he said: "Good question! The lead character in my book is someone who is not a conformist. He is a dreamer who is searching for the ultimate ride. Life is short man. Do whatever is possible not to get caught up in the mundane. Oh, and he would have a dog as his sidekick!!"

Apart from that, Tucker revealed though he is a hardback cover kind of person, once he started with the interactive-fiction experience of 'The Chef,' it drew him in: "It’s very interesting. It took me a minute, because I am a hardback cover guy all day. But, once I got going it really drew me in. The videos helped to put the story together. It’s pretty cool!!"

"The interactive story is just that. This format allows you the opportunity to interact. As you are moving along on Facebook Messenger you can ask questions and really get involved in the story unlike anything you have ever read before. In a way, it allows you to become a character in the story." 

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