Who is Mark Andrew Labbett on 'The Chase'? How a teacher earned 'The Beast' nickname

Who is Mark Andrew Labbett on 'The Chase'? How a teacher earned 'The Beast' nickname
Mark Andrew Labbett of 'The Chase' (Instagram/ @markthebeastlabbett)

For the participants on 'The Chase', winning cash is merely half the battle. The true struggle comes when it's up to them to stay a step ahead and protect their hard-earned winnings from the chasers, who happen to be experienced quiz masters who will stop at nothing to win. 

This season, Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer are joined by UK chaser Mark Andrew Labbett as they give contestants a run for their money. Popularly known as 'The Beast', Mark Andrew Labbett has quite the reputation for being a tough chaser, thanks to his vast knowledge of a variety of subjects.


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Who is Mark Andrew Labbett?

Labbett was born in Tiverton, Devon, in the UK, to Carolyn and Jon Labbett and is the oldest of three siblings. He has a master of arts degree in mathematics from Exeter College, Oxford, a postgraduate certificate in education in secondary education from the University of Exeter, along with CPE and LPC qualifications from the University of Glamorgan.

Prior to getting into quizzing, Labbett was a mathematics and physical education teacher at Caldicot School in Caldicot, Monmouthshire, South Wales. Labbett's gameshow run began when he appeared on 'Mastermind' in 1999. He appeared again on the show in 2000. That same year, he competed on 'Countdown' and nearly lost. He also appeared on 'Stake Out' and 'Grand Slam'.


In 2004, he won £500 ($707) on 'BrainTeaser', later won £1,500 ($2,122) on BBC One's 'SUDO-Q'. He appeared on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?'  and during his second run, he won £32,000 ($45,295). In 2006, he led the Welsh quiz team to fifth place in the European Quizzing Championships. He was also a part of the Rugby Boys, which won BBC Four's 'Only Connect' in 2009. He also participated in 'The National Lottery People's Quiz' in 2007, where he came second in the grand final.

In 2012, Labbett was ranked 89th in the World Quizzing Championships. In 2009, Labbett was one of the chasers on the UK version of 'The Chase'. It's here that he earned the nickname 'The Beast', on account of his stature and surname, which sounds like the word beast in French. He joined the American version of the show in 2013 and was also a part of the Australian version. 

His net worth

Labbett's net worth is currently $2M, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. Not much is known about his estate online, other than he currently lives in Rotherham with his dog after his split from his wife Katie, who was 27 years his junior and his second cousin. The family previously lived together in Hertfordshire. The couple has a son together and reportedly had an open marriage.



The newest season of 'The Chase' premieres on Sunday, June 6, at 9pm ET on ABC 

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