'The Chase' Episode 4: Who is next in the Chaser's chair and are they willing to make a bigger gamble?

Will the Chasers finally be able to tempt one of the players into taking that big risk?

                            'The Chase' Episode 4: Who is next in the Chaser's chair and are they willing to make a bigger gamble?
Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter on 'The Chase' (ABC)

'The Chase' returns on January 28 with three new contestants ready to go up against the best. Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter have each had their turn in the Chaser's chair, meaning it's anyone's guess as to who the contestants will be going up against next.

So far, the contestants haven't been fairing all that well — in three episodes, only one team has gone home with any sort of winnings — but they have some very dangerous hurdles to overcome before they can take home that cash prize. There's been a trend for contestants to play conservatively, however, is it now time for that to be shaken up?

While there's no confirmation on who will be in the Chaser's chair this episode, Ken Jennings is definitely the one with something to prove. Though he made a decent showing on the premiere episode of 'The Chase', he is currently the only former 'Jeopardy' champion who's lost to the contestants on the show.

Brad Rutter had a close call last week but still managed to keep the contestants from taking home that prize money, however, it's James Holzhauer who's had the most impressive showing so far beating the contestants back in a perfect streak of correct answers in that episode's Final Chase. 

One thing that all three of the Chasers have failed to do, however, is tempting the contestants into taking the big risks. While the contestants get a standard amount of cash for the initial, cash-building rounds of the show, with $25,000 awarded per correct answer, it's up to the Chasers to tempt the contestants to accept a smaller Chase lead by offering a much, much higher amount to play for.

Ken Jennings, in the show's first episode, offered one contestant an awe-inspiriting $400,000 to forfeit some of the lead — an offer that was ultimately turned down, and all nine of the show's contestants so far have ignored that bigger offer. What possible amount could tempt the players towards a riskier race and is the next episode the moment we get to see it?

This episode of 'The Chase' titled 'You Should Have Stayed in Vegas' airs on January 28 at 9 pm ET on ABC.

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