'The Chase' Episode 2 Spoilers: Will Ken Jennings's initial victory dampen the spirits of the next contestants?

A new quizmaster enters the Chaser's chair next episode, as three new contestants line up to outpace him in quizzing

                            'The Chase' Episode 2 Spoilers: Will Ken Jennings's initial victory dampen the spirits of the next contestants?
'The Chase' featuring host Sara Haines (ABC)

As another Thursday rolls around, it's time for another episode of ABC's revival of 'The Chase' and the quizmasters Brad Rutter, Ken Jennings and Jeremy Holzhauer aren't giving the contestants an inch.

Last week's episode saw how ruthless 'Jeopardy' mainstay Ken Jennings could be and as three new contestants enter the competition, we're about to see someone else take the Chaser's chair - will the contestants fare better or worse against him than against Jennings?

Last week, the show kicked the series off with Ken Jennings in the Chaser's chair. Jennings appeared quite confident against the players, eliminating the very first one with ease. He was apparently intimidating enough to keep the contestants wary, as even a highly tempting offer of over $4 million in prize money wasn't enough to tempt a contestant into taking the risk to start their game with a little less advantage over Jennings than the average bid. However, this wariness proved to be a moot point, as in the final round of the game, Jennings was able to overcome the contestant's chase goal, catching up to them by answering over 20 rapid-fire questions, easily catching up to the lead the contestants had sent him.

All through the episode, Brad Rutter and Jeremy Holzhauer watched from a special lounge, adding their commentary to the show's proceedings as Sara Haines hosted. In Episode 2, entitled 'To Be The Best, You Got To Beat The Best', it will likely be either Rutter or Holzhauer who sit in the Chaser's seat. Both are formidable opponents. Holzhauer is the second-longest running 'Jeopardy' contestant, beaten only by Jennings. Rutter is no slouch, either, as the highest-earning 'Jeopardy' quiz contestant of all time - a man who, until earlier in 2020, was undefeated by a human across every quiz show he'd ever participated in.

Whoever it is in that Chaser's seat, it's unlikely they'll show the contestants any mercy, as winning is in their blood. The question is, will they be able to tempt the contestants into making bigger risks by offering higher cash rewards, or will cooler heads prevail as the contestants go slow and steady to win the chase?

'The Chase' airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET, on ABC.