'The Chase' Episode 2: James Holzhauer demolishes the competition in perfect streak, fans call it 'savage win'

James Holzhauer's perfect run in the final Chase left the contestants empty-handed and fans in awe

                            'The Chase' Episode 2: James Holzhauer demolishes the competition in perfect streak, fans call it 'savage win'
James Holzhauer on 'The Chase' (ABC)

While the contestants were intimidated at the idea of going up against James Holzhauer at the start of the episode, they had no idea what they were truly in for. The second longest-running 'Jeopardy!' contestant of all time, Holzhauer dominated the competition, eliminating one player before the final round before absolutely crushing his competition with a perfect streak of answers in the final Chase, and fans are astounded.

From the start, fans loved this episode of 'The Chase' just a little more than last week, some of which the attributed to Holzhauer's performance as a merciless but witty Chaser. "James is excellent on #TheChase I wish it was him every week. Anybody else remember him on The Chase against the beast Mark?" wrote one fan.

"I agree. Tonight's episode of #TheChase is better. Better pacing, better dialogue. This should have been the premiere, but I'm guessing ABC wanted to premiere with Ken Jennings," wrote another, responding to a fan who wrote, "I don't know if it's adjusted expectations or just a better episode in general but this episode feels *way* more solid and normal than the first episode. James is also a great Chaser."




When it came to the final round, the contestants did not have a great two minutes with which to stack up against their lead — only 15 questions ahead of Holzhauer himself. Given the speed at which the final round is played, their only hope was to get a fair number of pushbacks if Holzhaur got questions wrong, but he did not give them that chance.

Rapid-fire answering gave him a win a good 40 seconds before the clock expired and fans were in awe. "Wow James blew that out of the park RIP not getting the money," wrote one user. "And James gets a win for the Chaser. Now THAT was a savage win," wrote another.

"James Holzhauer literally just demolished the competition on #TheChase. He didn't even let Sara Haines finish the questions. Always going to be the GOAT!!! The house always wins!" wrote this fan. "Stone. Cold. Work. by James. I figured that’s how it might go, recalling how few times James negged during his #Jeopardy appearances," wrote one user.









The next episode of 'The Chase' airs on January 21 on ABC.

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