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'The Challenge': Fans dig up Bear's sex scandal involving underage girl as Johnny calls him 'fooking legend'

Be it his liking for Kailah Casillas or tendency to pull pranks on castmates, Bear is meant for TV and brings a lot to the plate
UPDATED APR 30, 2020
Stephen Bear, Johnny Devenanzio (Getty Images)
Stephen Bear, Johnny Devenanzio (Getty Images)

Stephen Bear is easily the drama starter in MTV-backed 'The Challenge: Total Madness.' Be it his liking for Kailah Casillas or tendency to pull pranks on castmates, he is meant for TV and brings a lot to the plate. His fans and one of the fellow contestants from the show seem to agree. 

After the show aired, Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio tweeted: "Bear is a FOOKING LEGEND @stephen_bear #thechallenge35," which was promptly retweeted by Bear. Although, one cannot be sure why Johnny chose to call him that but it isn't very difficult to guess that it may have to do with Kailah and their makeout session at the end of Episode 4.

Bear and Kailah have shared this sexual tension since the time they met but she has been pushing him away. In the April 29 episode, she even asked Bear if he has made a call to her girlfriend back home, to which he said he found a better connection with her. Kailah was smiling and visibly conflicted throughout their chat but later gave in to the temptation. They kissed. And Bear was ecstatic about it in his confessional video.

However, Johnny's tweet has prompted fans to dig up Bear's past. Bear had posted the picture of an underaged girl in a bedroom on Instagram, which was taken off after it sparked a troll fest on social media. Much like the year-old discussion thread on Reddit, fans have been arguing about the truth behind the scandal. "Did y’all forget he fucked a 16-year-old? he ain’t no legend," a user commented on Johnny's tweet. 

"Actually he didn’t sweetie. You might want to get your facts straight before spreading false bullsh*t," a fan wrote in support of Bear, while another posted: "Bear incriminated himself he posted stories of the underage girl. might wanna check your facts, sweetie."

"You have to have proof brother before you ruin someone’s life," a viewer wrote after a user shared information about the sex scandal Bear was involved in.

Last year, it was being speculated that the girl wasn't underage after all and she had presented her passport as proof of age. However, a now-deleted The Sun article offered an interesting angle to the story. "The girl is well-known in her area as she appeared in local newspapers with her age clearly documented. It’s no secret that she’s not yet 16," a source told the paper.

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