'The Challenge': Aneesa gets attacked by drunk Nany for stopping her from flirting with Kaycee

Nany later says she will attack anybody who gets in her way

                            'The Challenge': Aneesa gets attacked by drunk Nany for stopping her from flirting with Kaycee
Kaycee Clark, Aneesa Ferreira, Nany Gonzalez (MTV)

Alcohol can make or break everything. For Nany Gonzalez, it's the latter. In her words, the stress of the game is getting to her.

'The Challenge: Total Madness' returns to TV screens tonight and it's all about the drama that ensues as the cast members hit a bar, hoping to take some time off from their performance-heavy tasks. However, things don't pan out as planned. 

Nany gets real close with Kaycee Clark and that bothers Aneesa Ferreira. As a friend, all she wants to do is warn Kaycee that her encouraging Nany's advances are only going to affect her relationship back home. 

But Kaycee isn't the one to drift away just because she's a few drinks down. When Nany asks if Kaycee would go to the bathroom with her, she flat-out rejects the offer and stays at the bar reasoning it out with Aneesa as to why she's talking to Nany. "Thank you so much because I do respect my girlfriend. I'm not going to do anything crazy to disrespect my relationship and my girlfriend," Kaycee tells Aneesa. 

Aneesa is looking out for a friend, trying to show the right path. And even though her intentions are right, maybe she is in the wrong coming in between two consenting adults who are taking it easy. 

But the situation spirals out of control quickly as Nany begins to get all riled up. "Aneesa, you're so annoying. I'm going to punch you in the f***ing mouth right now," she tells Aneesa, leaving her completely surprised. Nany doesn't stop there and that heats things up. 

In her green-room interview, Nany admits to being enraged. "Literally anybody who gets in my way right now, I'm going to attack," she says. In the preview clip, Aneesa and Nany are seen getting into a physical altercation even. Was anybody hurt or injured? We'll know in a bit. 

Oddly enough, this out-of-sorts behavior is expected of Nany. At least, Jenna Compono and Faysal Shawn 'Fessy' Shafaat seem to think so. "Nany is the most paranoid person in the house. Someone gets in her ear, she just starts going nuts," Jenna says during her confessional, while Fessy calls the incident nothing short of a "power trip".

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