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'The Challenge': Nany wants to punch Aneesa for spoiling her chance with Kaycee, fans say 'b***h needs therapy'

Nany gets drunk and tries to get close to Kaycee, but Aneesa breaks it up
UPDATED MAY 14, 2020
Aneesa Ferreira, Nany Gonzalez, Kaycee Clark (MTV)
Aneesa Ferreira, Nany Gonzalez, Kaycee Clark (MTV)

MTV's 'The Challenge: Total Madness' returned with Episode 7 and it's all about fights. This time, Aneesa Ferreira and Nany Gonzalez got into a nasty one over Kaycee Clark. 

The cast members were enjoying a little downtime at a bar when everything started to fall apart. Nany, who was a few drinks down, was trying to get physically close to Kaycee and even though she respectfully rejected her advances, Nany was being persistent. And that bothered Aneesa, who walked up to Kaycee and had a discussion about how what the two were doing isn't a good look and it would impact Kaycee's relationship back home. 

However, when Nany arrived, she thought Aneesa was crossing a line with her comments on her and Kaycee's situation. And in a matter of seconds, Nany went from being a silent observer to "I-will-f***ing-punch-you-in-the-mouth" sort of a person.

In her green room interview, Nany tried justifying her words and actions by saying that it was the game that was affecting her and added that she would attack anyone who came in her way. 

Even though she apologized for her behavior, the damage was done because it doesn't matter how drunk one is, it's difficult to take on such a fierce attitude and that too in a room full of people and expect it to be forgotten.

Fans too aren't supporting Nany for her outburst. 

"Nany needs to be knocked the f**k out, one toooooo many times of her acting this way. B***h get therapy plz! Clearly you have some underlying issue! #TheChallengeTotalMadness #TheChallenge #TheChallenge36 #TheChallenge35," a viewer commented. Another shared: "This 'drama' is a stretch to say the least. f**k offfff @MTVsChallenges. no one gives a blessed turd about nany and aneesa’s made-up-for-tv-drama #TheChallenge35 #TheChallenge #boringAF."

"Nany is sooooo wrong. It’s ugly. But fun to watch. But Aneesa didn’t deserve that. #TheChallenge35 #TheChallenge #TheChallengeTotalMadness," a fan expressed. "F**K THAT NANY... I'm so tired of chicks saying horrible s**t while drunk and then apologizing in the am #theChallenge35 #theChallenge," another pointed out.

"Nany contributes nothing but sleeping around on the show. So can she go home cause she f**ks for free. At least aneesa charged," a user tweeted.

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