'The Challenge: Total Madness': Fans call Dee 'petty' as she wants to send Jenn home because of Rogan

'The Challenge: Total Madness': Fans call Dee 'petty' as she wants to send Jenn home because of Rogan
Dee Nguyen, Rogan O'Connor and Jennifer Lee (MTV)

The previous season of ‘The Challenge: War of the World 2’ saw Dee Nguyen fall head over heels in love with Rogan O’Connor. At the beginning of the season, there were sparks everywhere, Dee even admitted in her confessional that she was “falling in love” with Rogan. Unfortunately, for the reality star, Rogan wasn’t as invested in their relationship as her. He was there to “just have fun”, considering he got on the show after ending a serious relationship that lasted over three years. Dee was left broken-hearted and dejected when she found out that Rogan was ready to throw her out of the team because he saw her as the “weakest link”. Although Rogan and Dee managed to win the season, their relationship never survived.
We have all witnessed how terribly Rogan treated Dee, so when we saw them both return to the ongoing season of ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’, we were hoping to see Dee compete against Rogan to prove to him that she wasn’t the weakest link. But instead, she was still focused on rekindling their relationship. When Rogan begins showing interest in Jennifer Lee, Dee immediately began seeing her friend, Jenn, as a threat.
Although Jenn has been nothing but nice to Dee, Dee begins plotting to send Jenn home. In her green room interview, Dee lists out three reasons why she feels Jenn should be sent home. According to her Jenn is weak, and not the smartest player, but most importantly she doesn’t like that Jenn is talking to her ex, Rogan.
Fans were disappointed with Dee on seeing her behave so pettily towards Jenn. A fan tweeted, “The other 2 reasons Dee gave were bullshit. Rogan likes Jen. You want Jen gone. End of story  #TheChallenge35.”

“Dee voting in Jenn because she’s still obsessing over Rogan.. #TheChallenge35,” wrote a fan.

Another fan shared, “Dee just wants Jenn to go because of Rogy like come on girl she don’t want you sis child please #TheChallenge35.”

Many fans requested Dee not to be 'that girl' who fights with another girl over a guy. A fan commented, “Ew Dee don’t be that girl. You have no reason to not like Jenn. Rogan played you & you let it happen. It’s done. Move on. #TheChallenge35.”


“Dee petty for wanting to send Jen home, that girl didn’t do you anything #TheChallenge35,” declared a fan.
‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ airs every Wednesday at 8 pm ET on MTV.

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