'The Challenge': Host TJ Lavin warns Fessy, Devin and Josh after fight, fans say the men are 'weak punks'

Josh, Fessy and Devin yelled and pushed each other around after the Aerial Takedown mission was done

                            'The Challenge': Host TJ Lavin warns Fessy, Devin and Josh after fight, fans say the men are 'weak punks'
TJ Lavin (MTV)

The men are getting in host TJ Lavin's crosshairs on the latest episode. He called them out on their performance at the Aerial Takedown mission and then warned them to behave themselves when the agents were getting ready for the elimination challenge. 

"You f***ing sucked," TJ yelled from the other side of a cliff while praising how women were actually competing and putting up a brave front. They were only latched onto the load attached to the moving chopper and not making any effort whatsoever to pluck people off it. Lavin and the girls noticed it and judged the men for it. 


Later, Fessy Shafaat, Devin Walker and Josh Martinez got into a freak fight where they were yelling and pushing each other around. The on-set security personnel had to be called on to intervene. Next, Devin apologized but there was nothing from the other two. But everyone was hoping for repercussions and Lavin made sure of it. 

At the crater, he announced that the votes of men who didn't compete (which were coincidentally the ones who picked a fight at the house) will not be taken into consideration. It was a shocker for most. But even then, Theresa Jones and Jay Starrett were the compromised agents. Since it was a men's elimination, Leroy Garrett offered to compete with Jay at the fire escape and won his golden skull. 



Meanwhile, fans have weighed in with their two cents about men being boys on the show. 

"TBH ALL THESE MEN SOME WEAK PUNKS IM TIREDT #TheChallenge36," a user tweeted, while another shared: "This was probably the best daily challenge this season and the men completely ruined it this is not what has made the challenge great for 36 seasons #TheChallenge36."

"TJ should have made this a double men's elimination to teach them a real lesson. #TheChallenge36," a user pointed out. "Thank you TJ. Now the boys are shook LOL. I love a good twist! #TheChallenge36," another tweeted.









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