Who is Tori Deal? Meet 'The Challenge: Double Agents' star who might be eliminated in Episode 5, lose $1M

Tori drew a lot of flak when she sent Fessy Shafaat to fight Nelson Thomas

                            Who is Tori Deal? Meet 'The Challenge: Double Agents' star who might be eliminated in Episode 5, lose $1M
Tori Deal (Instagram)

'The Challenge: Double Agents' is well into its season, which means a few shocking eliminations have happened. But the latest exit may change the scene of the show. Sure, the contestants' performances in tasks matter but voting does too, which means a lot of strategies were involved. Tori Deal has been playing her own game and she is invested in getting the golden skull but when the time came, she sent Faysal 'Fessy' Shafaat and Aneesa Ferreira to the crater. It was a guy's elimination and so, Fessy battled it out with compromised agent and "friend" Nelson Thomas, who then took the exit after losing in Hall Brawl.



This made Tori quite unpopular with the rest and she knows it, she's a veteran for a reason. But will she be able to convince other agents that what she did had to be done to make the narrative interesting? Let's hope it's not her who receives the maximum vote at the deliberation next. A YouTube channel, however, shared that Tori will be eliminated in Episode 5 of 'The Challenge: Double Agents'. 



If that's the case, she will lose out on bagging the $1 million prize another time. Fortunately for her, she may never run out of money given her impressive social media presence and a few other gigs she passionately follows through year-round, such as her podcast and YouTube channel. A New York native, Tori has been a pop culture reporter, which put her on the reality TV scene and there's been no looking back since. She also sings and has apparently released a few singles over the years. 


Work is looking good but the same cannot be said about her personal life. Tori is healing from her breakup with fiance Jordan Wisely. The couple instantly connected when they met on 'The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30' and even though she had a boyfriend back then, the spark with Jordan was so strong that she considered leaving the previous guy in the dust. They got engaged on the show and the next we know were a few years that were filled with happiness and lots of vacations. They split amicably in December 2020. 

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