'The Challenge': Will Chris Tamburello get disqualified again? A look at his violent past as he tackles Fessy

Chris was disqualified from the show after he punched Kenny Davis and Adam King earlier

                            'The Challenge': Will Chris Tamburello get disqualified again? A look at his violent past as he tackles Fessy
Chris 'CT' Tamburello and Faysal 'Fessy' Shafaat (MTV)

Chris "CT" Tamburello and Faysal "Fessy" Shafaat are all set to battle in a one-of-a-kind wrestling match on 'The Challenge: Double Agents'. This season has begun with plot twists. Host TJ Lavin didn't waste time to establish that the agents will be in for a ton of surprises. The task this week is in perfect alignment with what was promised to the contestants.

CT and Fessy, with their partners Tula "Big T" Fazakerley and Aneesa Ferreira, respectively, are atop a moving truck that's carrying a large wrestling ring. Clearly, it's tough and quite the task, definitely easy for someone like CT to lose his cool. Although, he has worked on himself and put the violent days behind him it's hard to predict given the position the agents are often put in. 

'The Challenge: Double Agents' (MTV)

Fans have already begun debating and taking sides on the show's Facebook page. Some are cheering for CT to win because he is strong and big while others think that Fessy's football experience will give him an edge.

"You think Fessy could take out prime CT?" a viewer asked while another pointed out: "in something physical yes .....the man was gonna be in the NFL and has height and weight over CT. And I think CT wasn't as smart back in the old day.....he definitely got smarter with experience tho. What do you think."

"People forget CT was a monster back then and he’s always been smart. I would 100% give it to CT, even now, he held his own against Kyle and another dude when they ganged up on him and both were half his age... don’t ever make the mistake to count him out, there is a reason he has seen the least amount of eliminations, people always have feared that man," another wrote.  

However, the question really is will CT get disqualified again? The last time he wrestled, he was asked to leave the show. It began as a fun match between him and Kenny Santucci on the first episode of 'Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno 3' when CT punched Kenny in the face, leaving the producers no option but to step in and order CT to leave the show.

This wasn't the only instance where CT displayed unchecked violence. In one of the episodes of 'The Duel II', he and Adam King traded bloody punches, which resulted in both being disqualified. It took quite some time and more than a few people to settle the fight. 

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