'The Challenge: Double Agent': Why did Natalie Anderson quit? How the real reason broke fans' hearts

Natalie left 'The Challenge' with mixed feelings but when she got home, things took an unfortunate turn

                            'The Challenge: Double Agent': Why did Natalie Anderson quit? How the real reason broke fans' hearts
'The Challenge: Double Agent' contestant Natalie Anderson (Instagram)

Natalie Anderson had to bow out of 'The Challenge: Double Agents' in Episode 5. Although she was all prepped up and raring to go at what lay ahead of her, the production decided to draw the curtains on her journey. At the time, she cited "personal reasons" for her decision to quit but the truth is she was pregnant.

Who is Natalie's boyfriend? 

The 'Survivor' winner has been dating Devin Perez, a real estate broker, for over a year now. They kept their relationship a secret on social until June 4, 2020. 

Natalie suffered a miscarriage

The news came as a shocker to her because she was only kidding with her twin sister Nadiya Anderson (who was pregnant at the time) that her period was late and she and Devin were planning to have babies when they return. That piece of information "triggered" the production unit, who convinced her to take the pregnancy test and the rest was history. 

Natalie was feeling intense emotions having to leave a competition she had trained so hard for but it was equally exciting. When she got back home and found out she was 8 weeks pregnant, it was back to eating well and training enough to keep the baby healthy. Unfortunately, a week later, Natalie experienced "intense cramps."

"I went through a miscarriage, and it was really difficult because I had just kind of come to peace with leaving the game and saying goodbye to the competition of the challenge, which I love, came back home and changed my mindset into this new journey," she told US Weekly and added: "And that was then taken away from me. It was hard for me."

Her fans were left heartbroken

Meanwhile, fans are not only upset that Natalie had to leave this early in the game but also for the fact that she has gone through such a tough phase. 

"My heart aches for Natalie. I hope we see her again in future seasons, a tough competitor for sure," a fan commented, while another posted: "So sad, my condolences go out to Natalie." "I’m so sorry for your loss. You are not alone. #1in4," a user expressed. 






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