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NYC turns into the Wild West as 2 gunmen engage in sudden shootout in the Bronx

Video shows two men suddenly firing at each other while walking in broad daylight. No injuries reported so far
UPDATED NOV 17, 2021
A screenshot showing two men fire at each other in the Bronx (NYPD/Twitter)
A screenshot showing two men fire at each other in the Bronx (NYPD/Twitter)

Gun violence in New York continues to be a major headache for the NYPD, as a new video shows. Taken in the Bronx, the video shows two men suddenly firing at each other in broad daylight, for no apparent reason. Thankfully, no injuries or property damage was reported, but it's still got the city on edge. 

While gun violence is an issue nationwide, NYC continues to be a major hotbed for shootings. By August 2020, the city recorded 777 shootings, more than the entire of 2019. In 2021, things don't look so good either. The city has seen a large number of shootings, especially around Times Square. In June, a newly-wed Marine was injured by a stray bullet. Earlier in May, an argument quickly led to a shootout that injured 3 bystanders, including a four-year-old.


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NYPD data shows that the city's overall crime index has risen 2.6% in September 2021, as compared to September 2020. Interestingly, the number of gun incidents has come down, from 150 to 136 for the same periods, but that's still a staggeringly high number. Violent crime has dropped over the summer, but as the latest incident shows, there's little reason to celebrate when there are still so many guns out there and trigger-happy people.

Seconds before the two men fire at each other in the Bronx. (NYPD/Twitter)

The Bronx daylight shooting caught

The shooting happened on Monday, November 15, 2021, on St. Ann’s Avenue near East 139th Street. At around 10:00 AM, two men opened fire at each other while walking down the street. The footage shows the two men fire at each other at nearly point-blank range but somehow miss. One man then runs away, as do two other men who were walking down the street. 

Oe man, dressed in a multi-color hoodie then attempts to fire a few more shots, before eventually he too runs away. The cops appear to have more questions than answers and are actively looking for the two men. It's unclear who they are if they knew each other, and what exactly led to the shooting. From the video, it doesn't appear to be a mugging or robbery gone wrong, so it's likely the two shooters do have some history. 

The cops now want the two men for reckless endangerment, which is a misdemeanor under New York law in the second degree. First-degree reckless endangerment is a felony. It's unclear which degree the two men will be charged with, as the NYPD did not specify that. Here's the video as uploaded to Twitter by the NYPD-


If you do recognize these men, you are urged to call 800-577-TIPS or get in touch with the NYPD through any other means.