'The Boys' Season 3 officially confirmed, fans share thirst tweets in expectation of James Dean Morgan’s role

'The Boys' Season 3 officially confirmed, fans share thirst tweets in expectation of James Dean Morgan’s role
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'The Boys' is officially confirmed for a season 3 and the announcement was made by Seth Rogen who dropped by for a quick moment during the Comic-Con 2020 panel. He popped in and said the show has received a renewal because fans seem to like and want more of it. This is exactly what happened last year when the renewal for the second season of the show was dropped right ahead of their panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2019. 

Fans, of course, are excited and have been expressing this on social media. Despite not knowing when the team will even be able to work on it considering the current scenario with the pandemic leading to a shutdown in many parts of the world, the fact that we get to see more of Billy Butcher, Hughie, Frenchie, Mother's Milk and The Female, scheme and plan to take the supes down is considerably exciting news. 

One fan wrote, "Second season hasn’t even been released yet and there’s already a third season?! Sh*t son! You boys are getting the job done well! #TheBoysTV." Another fan wrote, "Congratulations to all involved in #TheBoysTV! Glad you guys get to grace your presence once more on our screens. It’s going to be one diabolical season, here’s to more stellar portrayals." 

Fans have also pointed out how James Dean Morgan now has a credible season to be a part of. After lobbying for a role online which resulted in showrunner Eric Kripke reaching out and confirming the same to Collider, we cannot wait to see what role the actor would be cast in. One fan shared a video interview of Kripke and wrote, "Season 3 was official days ago. And @JDMorgan is gonna be part of! [red heart] I LOVE YOU FOR @therealKripke." 

Another fan shared a thirst tweet and wrote, "If @JDMorgan is in season 3, I’m going to absolutely cream my panties."

Fans have also noted how Aisha Taylor, the moderator of the Comic-Con 2020 panel, ended the panel by suggesting how the second season ends when she said, "the pooper hits the fan". So, excitement for season 3 will only increase after the premiere of season 2 on Amazon. 

'The Boys' Season 2 is scheduled to release on Amazon Prime Video on September 4 and we can expect to see more blood, carnage and a whale's belly bursting.

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