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'The Bold Type' Season 4: 'Garbage' finale upsets fans so much they want inclusive Season 5 to make up for it

'Okay, I'm done with The Bold Type writers,' tweeted a viewer

Spoilers for 'The Bold Type' Season 4 finale 'Not Far From the Tree' 

Freeform's once-acclaimed and now highly criticized "woke" show 'The Bold Type' aired its finale. Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy), Kat Edison (Aisha Dee) and Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens) find themselves in situations they could never have imagined — nor could fans — situations that were quite out of character for Sutton and Kat. Jane, however, was left unharmed (as she usually is).

Season 4 was by far the most criticized installment of the series. Writers of the show faced a lot of flak for their treatment of the only Black lead Kat by involving her in a romance with Ava Rose (Alex Paxton-Beesley), a conservative Republican who, despite belonging to the LGBTQ community, doesn't take notice of her privilege. Fans were very upset throughout. "the character assassinations the bold type mains have gone through in s3 and s4 (*mainly* s4) is just like whiplashing you left and right it’s WILD," tweeted a fan. "my god, the Bold Type really just destroyed Kat, Sutton, AND Jacqueline all in one episode, didn't they?" concurred another fan. 

Many fans directly addressed the writers for sinking the season. "Okay. I'm done with The Bold Type writers," tweeted one. "The Bold Type season finale was garbage," added a fan. "Dear Bold type writers, 90% of us did not like the story line this season," wrote another. "WTF happened to 'The Bold Type'? Are the writers on crack or what?" added yet another disgruntled fan.

However, now that Aisha Dee has also spoken up against the show's horrible writing this season, fans hope that the show is not abruptly canceled and will be renewed for Season 5. "Hopefully since aisha spoke out against the writing and lack of diversity in the writers' room, that the next season will be better because if it continues on like this, the bold type will be another show i’ll have to quit watching," tweeted a fan.

"I adore The Bold Type buuuut the plotlines in this season were trash and this season finale was... bad. I really hope Aisha Dee's call out wakes the writing team up because I know they can be better than this. Time for WAY MORE inclusivity up in here," concurred another fan. Ardent fans of the show hope that Aisha's plea combined with their collective angst will probe the writers to do better in Season 5 — provided it is renewed. "I really hope the writers use this as a time to stop and think about their creative choices and shift directions for S5. This was... awful."

You can catch all four seasons of 'The Bold Type' on Hulu. However, we suggest you only stick to the first three seasons since, as you can tells, Season 4 was the biggest disappointment.