'The Bold Type' Season 4 Episode 14 Review: A troubling chapter on Sutton Brady with more lows than highs

'The Bold Type' Season 4 Episode 14 Review: A troubling chapter on Sutton Brady with more lows than highs

Spoilers for 'The Bold Type' Season 4 Episode 14 titled 'The Truth Will Set You Free'

The latest episode of 'The Bold Type' documents the ongoing struggles of Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens), Kat Edison (Aisha Dee) and Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy). The three women are in completely different places in their lives yet are united in the face of their respective issues. Since the show's return following its break, Kat has been having difficulties on the professional front. Now working as a bartender at the Belle, she has the opportunity to make a podcast. This brings her to the possibility of work fusing into the personal. 

Kat's quest for the perfect first episode leads her to Ava Rose (Alex Paxton-Beesley), the same conservative Republican she has been at loggerheads since last season. Only this time, there was no hiding the fact that the two have chemistry. When Ava reveals she is a lesbian, Kat is taken completely by surprise — we saw it coming — and feels a strong connection towards her. What we don't know yet is how come Ava's father RJ Safford financially funded a conversion therapy camp when his own daughter belongs to the LGBTQ community. 

The maker's choice to make Ava a conservative Republican may have received flak but we are keen to know where the show takes it before jumping to conclusions. This is only the beginning of what could be an affair. How well it is done or not is up to the writers. Elsewhere, Jane is in the same conundrum as the last episode and the one before that. Only this time, it seems to have been resolved. A visit from her father offers her some much-needed perspective.

It was the simplest of things he said that things for good. He asked her to look at the operation and her breasts as a new lease to life instead of feeling aloof from them. One touching conversation later, it seems like Jane has a better grasp over this than she has had so far. Regardless of being in these very contrary situations, the girls find themselves united, as they always do, against these external forces. 

Sam Page as Richard Hunter and Meghann Fahy as Sutton Brady (Freeform)

At this point, if there is anything Freeform's self-proclaimed feminist show is doing correctly, it is its handling of the Jane crisis. Everything else seems to have taken quite the tumble and it only keeps deviating from the show's strong points. 

Perhaps the most irksome segment of tonight's episode was Sutton Brady and her constantly shifting preferences. Granted pregnancy, motherhood and everything that stems from it shouldn't be a rushed decision. But it kind of feels like us mortals in the real world would do this differently. The subject of children is, more often than not, brought up before marriage since it is the one subject that tears couples apart.

It is a shame that it didn't occur to either party to talk about this before they got hitched — as is the norm. Adding this drama in the otherwise sorted lives of Richard Hunter (Sam Page) and Sutton (a fan-favorite couple) barely months after tying the knot seems unnecessary and sheer tokenism.

If you want to plug a woman not wanting children, have her set in that mindset from the very beginning. Dwindling on that ideology is poor writing. 'The Bold Type' airs on Thursdays at 10 pm ET/ PT on Freeform. 

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