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'The Bold Type' Season 4 Episode 14: Ava and Kat have undeniable chemistry, but will they come together?

Fans shipping Adena El-Amin and Kat haven't quite been all that welcoming to any love interest of Kat's except Adena

Spoilers for 'The Bold Type' Season 4 Episode 14 'The Truth Will Set You Free'

And just like that, they did it. This seems like the beginning of a new romance between Kat Edison (Alisha Dee) and Ava Rose (Alex Paxton-Beesley). So Kat is keen on making a podcast for The Belle. This feels to her like her new calling and she couldn't miss a chance for a new beginning. Soon afterward, Kat come to the conclusion that she should get Ava on the show. It would be interesting to have a conservative Republican on the stands to talk about the issues that the country is facing today. 

At first, Ava refuses to come to the show as a guest. But when Kat shows up as one of her Republican mixers to show to Ava that she too can hold detailed, constructed conversations and arguments when it comes to it, Ava changes her mind. Now bear in mind that through these interactions, Kat and Ava had enough chemistry leaking through the screens. So it was hardly surprising to see where this was taken next. The best of all was when Ava reveals to her that she is a lesbian but doesn't think that sexuality should play a role in politics. We disagree and so does Kat till she finds Ava is a lesbian. 

However, fans shipping Adena El-Amin (Nikohl Boosheri) and Kat haven't quite been all that welcoming to any love interest of Kat's except Adena. That could, in turn, be a result of the makers' sporadic use of that character, bringing her back as easily as the script demands and then writing her off. Adena has been a secondary character in this relationship who only seems to exist to bring to Kat a challenge. However, we're not saying we're completely against this route that the makers have for Kat and Ava. 

At the moment, a lot is unaccounted for. There are things about Ava that we don't know yet. For instance, if her father financially supported conversion therapy by donating to conversion camps, does that mean RJ had sent her to camp as a child? Her backstory is yet to be fully explored and without that, it is unfair to say that the two are not right for each other. At the same time, if Kat is over Adena, perhaps it is high time that fans get over her too. 

'The Bold Type' airs Thursdays at 10 pm ET/ PT on Freeform.