'The Bold Type' Season 4 Episode 14: Kat-Ava romance gets writers slammed, fans call storyline 'disappointing'

Kat's storyline is not only making the audience really mad but also shows injustice to her character so far

                            'The Bold Type' Season 4 Episode 14: Kat-Ava romance gets writers slammed, fans call storyline 'disappointing'

Spoilers for 'The Bold Type' Season 4 Episode 14 'The Truth Will Set You Free'

It looks like nothing in the latest episode of 'The Bold Type' went as per plan. Fans of the show are livid at the writers for the arc they have set for both Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy) and Kat Edison (Aisha Dee). As Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens) finally comes to terms with her body post-double mastectomy, Sutton realizes that she doesn't want kids and never will, and Kat finds herself attracted to Ava Rose (Alex Paxton-Beesley). 

After stringing husband Richard Hunter (Sam Page) along for a while, Sutton finally tells him that she will never want children. Her miscarriage from the last episode brought her to the realization. When told about this, Richard is torn and unleashes a temper that we have never seen before.

Viewers can't help but think that a conversation about having babies is one for before the marriage and not months into it. "Bro why would you not have the baby talk before you get married like that would've saved y'all a whole lotta tears" tweeted a fan. "I really hate how Sutton came to this revelation AFTER her and Richard got married. They gave us everything we wanted, and now they're trying to rip the rug right from under us," concurred another. 

But it is Kat's storyline that is not only making the audience really mad but also shows injustice for her character so far. "What is happening with Kat on the #theboldtype it's so disappointing that I can't even wrap my head around it," tweeted a fan.

Aisha Dee as Kat Edison and Alex Paxton-Beesley as Ava Rose (Freeform)

Ava refuses to participate in Kat's podcast on the assumption that Kat can't have a mature discussion about contrasting perspectives. To prove to her that she can, Kat goes to a Republican mixer where she is faced with brutal homophobia. This didn't make Kat's fans happy. "This storyline of placing labour on a Black woman to prove her legitimacy and intelligence and 'patience' to a white woman who did not do the same for her. That woman showed up to her job to humiliate her and Kat should be taking the “high road”?" tweeted a fan. 

"What The Bold Type just depicted is incredibly dangerous. Queer people do not need to engage with homophobia to prove that they can 'hold hard conversations'. We do not need to put ourselves in harm's way for you to see us as human or respect us," added another. 

Ava, whose father RJ Safford (Aidan Devine), was fired last season for funding a conversion therapy camp, is revealed to be a lesbian herself and is now Kat's new love interest.

"In conclusion: #TheBoldType took a Black queer female activist and forced her into a homophobic space to prove her ability to partake in conversations and are now trying to make this a romantic relationship. I hate it here," said a fan. 

Many even asked the show to hire more writers of color to avoid making these rookie mistakes. So mad are the fans that they have filled in the rest of the season by themselves. "Let me guess: Richard and Sutton break up, he go back to Cali, Sutton moves back with Jane. Kat fling with homegirl is gonna somehow turn into her getting her old job back or getting upgraded at her current gig so that way she can move back in her place."

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