'The Bold and the Beautiful' spoilers: Hope is furious with Sally's new position and Zoe lays her moves on Xan

What will your favorites at FC go through next? Do not miss this explosive episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.

                            'The Bold and the Beautiful' spoilers: Hope is furious with Sally's new position and Zoe lays her moves on Xan

Here's to a day full of sparks! Your favorites at the FC office will be involved in a lot of drama, as usual!

This has been a long time coming - Hope  (Annika Noelle) is mad about Sally's (Courtney Hope) new promotion and let's just say it's been bothering her for a while. So when she gets the news that she's not only losing an intern but she's also rising up, she loses it. After all, history repeats itself. Sally hasn't been the most responsible in the past and her actions almost got FC shut down for good. Hope thinks that Sally will fall off the wagon and she thinks that Sally doesn't deserve this new position. She decides to go to Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) with what's on her mind but her worst fears come true - Steffy doesn't share her concerns. She's more than happy to let Sally climb the ladder and she makes it clear to Hope that she needs to back off. Do you think Sally deserves this chance, given her past mistakes? 


There's a war bubbling beneath the surface with these two and since Sally will not stop till she gets to the top, Hope will definitely have to do more than getting triggered if she wants to stop her. Steffy meanwhile, has more faith in Sally and she knows that it would be a better decision to be in her good books. She thinks Hope will eventually have to give in. 

Meanwhile, Emma’s (Nia Sioux) is having the worst day possible. She's been hooked on Xander(Adain Bradley)  for so long and he hasn't batted an eye. When Zoe (Kiara Barnes) makes a play for it, Emma gets exceedingly uncomfortable. After all, there's history there. How can she compete with that? Zoe is doing everything in her power to make Xander melt and her sexy moves may be getting to him. How long will he resist? She's onto him and he knows that, after all, she's an ex. She knows what buttons to push. Xander can't stop thinking about the times they had. Will he do something he'll regret? Will history repeat itself here too? It remains to be seen.

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