‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Do Hope and Thomas belong together? Here's why she may walk away from Liam

A furious Liam arrives at the scene of Thomas’ dinner party just in time to witness something truly shocking

                            ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Do Hope and Thomas belong together? Here's why she may walk away from Liam

Are Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) going to break up soon? In the last episode of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, Liam headed out to a party with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Kelly Spencer (Zoe Pennington). Liam and Steffy bonded over the love of their daughter and debated about how Thomas could be using his son Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) to get close to Hope and Liam just can't understand why Hope would fall into the trap.

Unable to get Hope off his mind, Liam makes multiple calls to her but she doesn't answer. He storms out of Steffy's place and it seems like his anger against Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) could drive his wife away. Meanwhile, Hope and Thomas have a lovely day at his apartment where he watches her helping Douglas draw. In his hallucinations, he thinks the mannequin is telling him, “This is the night for you and Hope. Are you ready?” In a hilarious sequence, he shrugs off the mannequin's suggestion, saying “Stop it!” and Hope asks him, “What did you say?” Covering it up, he turns to talk to her and they discuss Liam. That's when Hope tells him that he is busy with Steffy and in return, Thomas invites her to stay for dinner. Douglas pleads her to stay too, how can Hope say no to them?

Liam and Steffy (CBS)

Now, in the next episode, Thomas makes an error in judgment with his struggle to distinguish between reality and hallucination. Meanwhile, a furious Liam arrives at the scene of Thomas’ dinner party just in time to witness something truly shocking. In huge spoilers for ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, Liam rushes back to Steffy after he eyes Thomas and Hope together. When Liam accuses Steffy's 'evil brother' of seducing Hope, Steffy isn't ready to believe him. Liam’s angrier than ever and he heads home. Once he comes face to face with Hope, what will happen? Right now, Thomas and Hope don't even have a clue that Liam came to his apartment and saw them together.

If the spoilers are to be believed, Hope might be outraged to hear how Liam accuses her of hooking up with Thomas. As bizarre as it sounds, it could be possible that Thomas hooked up with the Hope-lookalike mannequin instead! Hurt and shocked by Liam's words, will she choose to walk away from their marriage? Only time will tell.

Hope (CBS)

Many fans feel Hope and Thomas belong together and want to see them reunited. "Matt and Annika work so well together. I love the chemistry between Thomas and Hope. If only you didn't ruin his character they would have made a nice couple," one said and another posted, "This so much! I'm still hoping this craziness is gonna lead to #Thope cause as soon as Hope finds out Liam was responsible for his fall and all of this, she's gonna be pissed! Thomas actually supports her dreams, Liam is just a weight on her and he doesn't work!"

"LOL, this is going to be interesting. I wish that Thomas, Hope, Beth, and Douglas could be a family, Steffy, Finn, and Kelly could be a family, and Liam could be left out in the cold with no one....except for the Hope mannequin of course," one fan said and another opined, "YES! I'm seriously hoping this craziness is what its leading to! Liam needs to be gone once and for all! I hate that they're not even showing #Sinn as much, and more Steffy with Liam! Like bruh come on. And i agree, Hope should be with Thomas cause he actually supports her!"

Many fans are wondering if it would happen right in front of Douglas. "It is fun (and horrifying!) To watch, but really didn't want Douglas to know about the Mannequin!!" one posted and another said, "Help Thomas to get past this. It should not happen in front of his son." A third chimed in, "Ok. Guys, this is just too much. PLEASE do better for Thomas!!!!!!"






What do you think? Does Hope belong with Thomas or should she stick to Liam? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ airs at 1.30 pm on CBS on weekdays.

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