The premiere of 'The Blacklist' was an exciting one. Liz (Megan Boone) embraced her dark side as she chose to believe her so-called mother Katarina over Red (James Spader). Liz is on the edge and determined to know the truth about her life and that's at any cost. So god help anyone trying to knock some reason into her. So, she helps Katarina abduct Dom (Ron Raines) because she thinks that Kat is the only one who can get him to talk. For some reason, she doesn't think that she is going to torture him, which is most likely what's going to happen.

Moreover, the episode also introduced some more riddles in regards to the larger Sirkorsky Archive mystery, and it is related to a mystery person by the name of N-13. This 'N-13'  is someone whose secrets were apparently used to generate the said Archive in the first place, and they are an operative who serves in a way as a mole. Katarina Rostova has no clue about who the person is, but feels as though she’s been set up. It's time to locate the Archive and the secrets that it holds.

For Katarina, Red is manipulating Liz. She tells Liz a compelling story: He has been thrown into this world to get intel on US government operations and top criminals, and is using his relationship with Liz as a way in which to take all of that information. Liz swallows the entire story without a chew. Yet the question that arises here, is N-13 Red, or someone else entirely? Could N-13 be Liz's real mother and Katerina just a phony? Katerina has been parading herself as Liz's mother for a while, but it seems unlikely now...given that we know the way 'The Blacklist' works. Well, currently Liz has betrayed the entire team and gone to the dark side, so it will take a hell of a lot for her to return to Red again. Is Red responsible for Liz's actions, as he never told her the truth about her life before? That's up for debate too.

'The Blacklist' airs on Fridays at 8 pm, NBC.

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