In a heartbreaking turn of events, Dom (Ron Raines) dies in the second episode of 'The Blacklist' after his abduction by Katerina and Liz. He dies after an emotional scene with Red (James Spader), telling him that he has told Liz everything. Dom has held the answers to many of the questions that have been plaguing the show, and fans are finding themselves caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. There are several reasons for this, as the actor Brian Dennehy, who was the original Dom, died in April of this year. He was replaced by Ron Raines, who brought the character's story to conclusion.

Fans are furious with Liz, and hold her responsible. "Dom's dead, y'all stressed an old man to death. Happy, Liz? #TheBlacklist," a fan tweeted. "Ressler needs to shut up it’s not Red’s fault Dom died. It’s Liz fault!! #theblacklist #TheBlacklist #blacklist," another wrote. "#TheBlacklist always kills my favorite recurring/supporting people. The price of good TV, I suppose. We'll miss you, Dom," a fan wrote. "Awe, RIP Dom  Sleep-with the angels #TheBlacklist Fan forever," another wrote. 





There are still many questions though. Why did Dom feel the need to lie about Red's identity? His tall tale about Red being Ilya Koslov was exposed. One speculation could be that Dom is related to Red in some way. But Liz is still grappling to understand his motivations and turned dark just to understand them. Liz had been told that Red was her mother’s dearest and most dependable friend – Ilya Koslov, Katerina's childhood friend. Apparently, it was said that he had devised the plan to take over Raymond Reddington’s identity. He had taken this step to protect her mother and to avoid any adversity with her enemies. He "altered" his face to become Raymond Reddington. Liz kidnapped Dom and took him to Katerina, where he had hallucinations about her.

There are a lot of things to understand and decode, especially Red's illness, as well. What is he suffering from and is this the last season of the show? The show just might end with Red dying too.

'The Blacklist' airs on Fridays, NBC at 8 pm. 


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