'The Biggest Loser': Show's reboot version not a hit among fans who think contestants should not be sent home

'The Biggest Loser': Show's reboot version not a hit among fans who think contestants should not be sent home
Erica Lugo, Bob Harper, Steve Cook (The Biggest Loser)

After a hiatus of nearly two years, the controversial weight-loss competition show 'The Biggest Loser' came back with a reboot version. This brand-new version promised that the emphasis would be on overall health rather than just weight loss, and it will also focus on the emotional well being of the contestants. We were extremely happy to see these new changes and couldn't wait to see the ideas executed.
After watching the first two episodes of the reboot version, fans have some strong feelings about the show. While they still feel that the show is inspiring and the new trainers are doing a fantastic job, they, however, find a few things problematic about the way the new promised changes to the show are being executed.
For instance, the contestant on the losing team who has lost the least weight is still being sent home, which the fans are not a fan of.

A fan tweeted, "I think it's crazy how on #TheBiggestLoser, these people are there to lose weight & be healthier then get sent home & out of the program when they don’t lose enough weight. What kinda f*** a** sh*t is that??" Another fan declared, "The fact #TheBiggestLoser sends someone home is ridiculous. I’m not a fan of this show."



Fans felt that the concept of elimination of contestants should have been removed from the show, and the contestants get to continue their weight loss journey till the end of the season, irrespective of how many pounds they have lost.

A fan expressed, "This show would be better if nobody was sent home. These people need help and should all stay to finish the program. Sending a person home with obesity issues can cause a spiral in the wrong direction. #TheBiggestLoser."
Aside from the focus on overall health claim, the show also heavily publicized their emphasis on mental health and emotional well being. Fans, however, were disappointed to see how the showrunners executed it.


A fan commented, "I thought the new #TheBiggestLoser was supposed to be healthier? But they’re still losing weight too quickly, they're still upset at "only" losing 7 pounds in a week, they still have to weigh in shirtless, and their "mental health" is addressed by chatting with Bob? Uhhhh..."

Another fan pointed out, "Bob its there "safe space" but A) its gonna be on TV & B) since there's only 12 contestants chances of opening up at max 2  months isn’t too great for those not elimination #TheBiggestLoser. (sic)"

The fans were certainly left feeling that the show could have done a lot more in terms of execution of the changes they promised for the reboot version.
You can catch all new episodes of the reboot version of 'The Biggest Loser' every Tuesday, at 9/8 c only on USA Network.


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