'Big Bang Theory' Season 12 Episode 2 Recap: Penny and Leonard's wedding gift to Sheldon and Amy backfires

The episode, The Wedding Gift Wormhole, throws up a new puzzle every few moments and keeps on the laughs coming

                            'Big Bang Theory' Season 12 Episode 2 Recap: Penny and Leonard's wedding gift to Sheldon and Amy backfires

Sheldon and Amy are finally back from their honeymoon, and getting down to the business of opening their wedding gifts, little knowing they are going to be left bamboozled. This episode (The Wedding Gift Wormhole) definitely beats the previous episode of the season, with the plot uncovering a new puzzle every few moments, and throwing up jokes at the same time to make you laugh. 

Starting off, they open a present gifted by their BFFs -- Penny and Leonard. Their particular gift has a tag attached to it that reads, “The perfect gift for the perfect couple.” Sheldon takes the card and keeps it to the side, saying, “We’re gonna wanna throw [that] back in their faces,” as they were called a perfect couple.

The newly married couple then goes on to guess what the gift might be.


Looking at the rectangular box, Sheldon suggests that it might be “A flute? A letter opener? One of those pens where you put the bikini back on the naked lady?” When Amy opens the box and reveals the long, glass, carved cylindrical object, they guess everything that it is not.

Sheldon guesses that it may be hard candy and tell Amy to lick it, which is a huge no... Amy, on the other hand, wonders, if it might be some memorabilia from one of Sheldon's favorite sci-fi shows, to which Sheldon objects. 

Amy later on speculates if it is some "marital aid" (nudge nudge wink wink), an idea that Sheldon obviously thinks is preposterous.

Finally assuming that it might be a clue to a scavenger hunt, the couple takes the crystal to professor Bert Kibbler, who tells them the object is a quartz crystal, they then assume it leads up to the cafe they first met in. Looking in the shop's lost and found box, they find an empty locket and assume that this is the gift left by Lenny for them. And also a pair of sunglasses. 


Though there are a lot of twists in this episode, the best thing that stays is the nostalgia of the couples all playing tricks on each other.

During the course of the episode, it is unveiled that the cylindrical crystal is simply a small prank by Leonard and Penny, to make Shamy undergo the same curiosity they experienced when it was gifted to them by Howard and Bernadette at their wedding.

The carved glass was given to Howard and Bernadette by Raj as a genuine wedding gift. And this game of passing the parcel led Lenny to play this prank on the new couple. But it ends up with them looking silly when the duo comes up with clues and mysteries of their own. Want to know what the cherry on top in this episode? It is that Shamy decides to lock Leonard and Penny out of their Wi-Fi and writes it down in code for them to solve it. 


The episode is well written as it maintains the suspense of the wedding gift and keeps the laughs coming. This leaves us wondering how future episodes will pan out, what with Raj making a decision to get an arranged marriage and Stuart finally asking his comic book store crush on a date.