'The Big Bang Theory' Series Finale: Fan theory questions if Leonard and Penny break up in final season

For the past couple of seasons, 'Big Bang Theory' has always hinted around the fact that Leonard and Penny do not have much in common, this might be the reason for the theory.

                            'The Big Bang Theory' Series Finale: Fan theory questions if Leonard and Penny break up in final season

The 'Big Bang Theory' is coming to end after 12 seasons. And in barely few more months, the finale will be done and dusted. But before the show can bid its goodbye, fans have a lot of questions regarding the show and how it will end. The most popular one among them is about the relationship between Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) and his wife Penny (Kaley Cuoco). 


For the past couple of seasons, TBBT has made it explicitly clear that Leonard and Penny do not have much in common. There are obviously the not-so-subtle jokes about how Leonard "wore Penny down" into falling in love and how living with Penny is more or less like "living with a bully." Though they are married, they aren't like the other couples on the show. Most of their storylines in the episodes from the previous seasons, began with them portraying the differences between the duo, but ends with them being content and a tad short of blissful.

But if you are someone who has been following the final season without fail, you wouldn't have missed that the creators are really pushing this same issue in almost every episode that has aired till date. And fans who have had a close look at this season are getting the vibe that they creators maybe hinting towards the married couple separating because of their non-healthy relationship. "Their relationship could definitely be worse, but it’s not exactly what I’d call healthy," a fan said.



Starting from the fact that Leonard wants kids and Penny doesn't and the arguments that have arisen due to this might be the reason for this theory. But apart from just not wanting kids, their arguments about where they want to live, and their belief in religion all just adds up to the theory.

Following the theory of Leonard and Penny's split, fans state that Leonard might end up with the comic book girl he had met in the previous seasons, or he may just end up with Sheldon's old assistant. "They still might, but hopefully Leonard finds his comic book chick, or even Sheldon's old assistant, and learns what a healthy relationship with a person that shares common interests, looks like," said one fan.  While another agreed and said, "She and Leonard made a great couple, and it was so strange that she was just gone one day." 



Though some state that they might end up splitting, fans have also come up with a contradicting theory stating that they might not end up separating after all, and all these arguments may just lead to them ending with the decision to have a kid. "Considering its the last season it very well may be just leading to some confrontation and them finally starting a family or something, but I wonder if anybody else got the same vibe," stated a fan. 



While another fan added, "I don’t think they’re going to break up because it’s a sitcom, but I think their future is going to be more about liking the comfort of being together and not wanting to break up the dynamic of the group rather than actually being ideal for one another." Another fan agreed and said, "I would see more of a Jim/Pam at the end of The Office thing. Have the relationship stressed and some tension then at the end they are together and happier than ever."



Well, we never know what might happen, and after all these theories, we can only know the outcome of the marriage between Penny and Leonard when we watch the series to its completion. 

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