Mayim Bialik learns the hard way that hangovers get worse with age: 'My drinking days are over'

The actress is not much of a heavy drinker but after hitting 40 she is now considering her shots, as she already feels 'weird' about the 'The Big Bang Theory' coming to an end.

                            Mayim Bialik learns the hard way that hangovers get worse with age: 'My drinking days are over'

Mayim Bialik has come to terms with the fact that aging is a disappointing experience and with the increasing age our capacity to handle hangovers decreases in a tremendous manner. The 'Big Bang Theory' actress who had recently celebrated Purim, a Jewish holiday, with costumes, parades, food and "festive drinking," explained that she is not much of a heavy drinker. However, the festival considers it to be a part of the celebration and as a result she ended drinking quite a lot in front of her children who are otherwise not used to watching her drink. 

On her blog, groknation, the 43-year-old actress described, "I nursed a weak scotch for the whole 90 minutes of the service. I didn’t feel drunk, but I definitely felt the warmth of the scotch turn me into a slightly less inhibited version of myself. They don’t call it “Liquid Courage” for nothing." The next morning was a bad one as she suffered from a terrible hangover. "I was far from fine," she says. "My headache was steady and dense. I was exhausted and felt completely depleted of energy. And I was GRUMPY. I was grumpy because the alcohol made me feel grumpy, but I was also grumpy because I should NOT be feeling this hungover from having only a few drinks throughout my night out."

The actress confessed that she has been much of a drinker even in her younger age. "I never really had much alcohol until I was 21 (with a few rare exceptions over the age of 18 in Europe with my parents), and I have never really loved drinking to excess. I’ve never thrown up or blacked out from too much drinking, and the few times I have felt dizzy, I have been very mad at myself."

Now, with hitting a milestone age in her life she is considering reducing her alcohol intake way more than before, as she explained, "I’m disappointed in the aging process, to be perfectly frank. It’s too soon for this. Grey hair? OK. Eyesight shot to heck? Glasses are cute. Hearing going? Less I have to hear people gossip. But this lightweight reaction to alcohol? I mean, for a hangover like I had, you’d think I drank a bottle of tequila and did shots all night with the Thunder From Down Under guys (I’ve never been to any such show, but I think you get the picture)."

'The Big Bang Theory' which had premiered back in 2007 will end this year in May, but Bialik, who plays Dr Amy Farrah Fowler on the show, has quite a lot to look forward to (IMDb)

"It seems that once you hit 40, you just can’t do what you used to," she wrote. "This Purim experience has made it crystal clear to me that whatever small drinking life I had before is over. The days of having more than a few drinks—even over the course of HOURS—is over."

The actress' confession about not being able to handle drinking comes after she told fans that she has been feeling "weird" about having to near the end of 'The Big Bang Theory', where she plays the characters Dr Amy Farrah Fowler. She had posted a video where she stated, "It feels really weird. Usually, when things end, they end right away. It’s not like, ‘This is gonna end in 23 episodes’. So it means that we have a whole season. We have through the end of April to explore what our writers are gonna give us and my first thought was like, ‘Does this mean that, like, crazy things are gonna happen in season 12?’ I don’t know." 'The Big Bang Theory' which had premiered back in 2007 will end this year in May, but Bialik has quite a lot to look forward to.