'The Big Bang Theory': Professor Proton returns to tell Sheldon some rules of marriage

Bob Newhart returns as Professor Proton to offers words of wisdom to Sheldon on how to navigate the married life

                            'The Big Bang Theory': Professor Proton returns to tell Sheldon some rules of marriage

There is trouble in Sheldon and Amy's paradise of marriage, and Thursday's episode of 'The Big Bang Theory' saw Professor Proton returning to give Sheldon some marital advice.

Of course, he paid a visit in Sheldon's dream, being dead for many years. But Sheldon's beloved childhood hero, played by the acerbicly charming Bob Newhart, is still on his mind, from where he pops up and offers words of wisdom whenever Sheldon finds himself in trouble. 

During their reunion after a long time, we see Sheldon sitting with his favorite "ghost" in a delicatessen on planet Dagobah. Professor Proton is wearing his Jedi robes and looks visibly unhappy with his order. 

Now that the newlywed's honeymoon is done and dusted, Amy is finally able to continue with her research which does not allow her to spend much time with Sheldon or on their joint asymmetry project.

And when Amy decides to break this to him, Sheldon decides to take matters into his own hands so that she has time in her schedule. 

He decides to go have a chat with the Caltech president, Siebert (guest star Joshua Malina), who finally agrees to let Amy take a short break from her own neuroscience projects so that she can concentrate on the work she and Sheldon are doing. 


But there was a problem, Amy did not want to take a break from her work, and secondly, she didn't want her husband to talk with their boss about rearranging her assignments. So when she walks into her lab and sees someone else going through her research notes she is first confused, but when she finds out it is all because of Sheldon's move, she gets angry

Though if we look at Sheldon's point of view as to why he would have done this, it is all with good intentions. He was really happy to work with his wife, and for someone who is as arrogant as he is, the fact that he is excited and willing to collaborate with anyone is really a big step. 

The couple then goes in for a joint meeting with the president of Caltech after Amy finds out what Sheldon has done. He tries to patch up with his wife by telling Siebert not to mansplain to Amy and then goes on to mansplain to her what the exact meaning of mansplaining is. 


After this scene, Professor Proton enters Sheldon's dream and shares his advice on marriage.

Rule no 1 being, "Never go to bed with anger between you and your spouse."

After some more back and forth between the two, Sheldon wakes up decides to wake up Amy to tell her about Rule no 1. 

She then reveals the main reason why she is angry: it is not that she does not love working with him, but she does not want to lose her own identity, her work and interests just because they are married and together now. She tells him, "the things that are mine are getting subsumed into the things that are ours,” and Sheldon happily understands and agrees to what she says.