The Bachelorette's John Paul Jones offers a lock of his hair to Hannah Brown in deleted scene leaving fans thrilled

The Bachelorette's John Paul Jones offers a lock of his hair to Hannah Brown in deleted scene leaving fans thrilled

Two weeks into 'The Bachelorette's season 15 and we've already witnessed heaps of drama that has fans and viewers hooked to the series. Starting from Scott Anderson, who had a girlfriend back home till the day he left for the mansion, Luke Parker's confession to Hannah Brown during the Mr. Right pageant and Cameron Ayala's interruption during the group date as well as during Kevin's alone time with Brown, we were witness to some major developments.

Though two weeks are done, we haven't seen that much of John Paul Jones, other than his most recent appearance during the Mr.Right pageant in episode two, for which he learned to ride a unicycle to impress Brown. Recently, however, 'The Bachelorette' released a deleted scene that somehow didn't make the final cut last week.

'The Bachelorette' season 15's John Paul Jones: (ABC/John Fleenor)

The 24-year-old Jones decided to show his affection for Brown while they spent some time alone by letting her cut a lock of his golden hair. In the deleted scene we can see Jones tell Brown, "There’s more to me than my sort of funny or playful side. Vincent Van Gogh showed sacrifice to his greatest love by cutting his ear off and giving it to her. So I wanted to let you cut a piece of my hair, and I wanted you to keep it and think of me."

While he handed Brown the pair of scissors to cut his hair, Jones got a bit choked up but he was prepared for what was about to happen. After taking a look at the video, fans cannot have enough of it as they reveal their love for deleted scenes.

"I love seeing deleted scenes because I feel like I’m missing something when I haven’t seen someone a lot in the episode and they get a rose. You know?" wrote a fan on Twitter. Adding to that, another fan said, "This was the best scene from the whole night and they cut it!!!"


'The Bachelorette' season 15's John Paul Jones: (ABC/John Fleenor)

"OMG! Why oh why was this scene deleted? JPJ for Paradise. For sure. Hannah’s dad should get his clippers and have a go at him. I this. #ThaBachelorette," said another fan. While another added, "Why would they cut this ridiculous scene out!." 

To see more of John Paul Jones, we will have to wait till Monday when 'The Bachelorette' airs again. 'The Bachelorette' season 15 airs every Monday night on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.

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