'The Bachelorette' season 15: Luke Parker's family are shocked that he didn't get along with the other men on the show

'The Bachelorette' season 15: Luke Parker's family are shocked that he didn't get along with the other men on the show

The Hometowns are here finally, and Hannah Brown will get to meet the families of her final four suitors. 

There is no doubt that Luke Parker hasn't been everyone's favorite since the beginning of 'The Bachelorette' season 15. Ever since the many red flags concerning him started popping up this season, fans have wanted him gone. But, he always found a way to stick around and force himself around Brown. 

And by doing so, he didn't just get into the bad books with fans and viewers this season but even managed to distance himself from the other suitors in the mansion. Despite the continuous fights and arguments, Brown kept him in the final four, and on Monday night when the show returns we will see him and Brown visit his family. 



In a recent sneak peek that was shared by the series on social media the showmakers show Brown and Parker back home talking to his family. Brown reveals how Parker is the most disliked guy in the mansion, and his family is shocked to hear that he isn't getting along with other men. 

Parker himself admits to his family that he wasn't the true version of himself and often told Brown what she wanted to hear. “I felt like I was walking on eggshells. I felt like I had to say and do all the right things, which is obviously the worst mindset,” Parker disclosed. 

Following his disclosure, Parker's dad asks Brown why she kept him so long. “We told him, ‘Luke, just be Luke,’ and you just admitted that you weren’t Luke, so why is he here,” they asked. To which she replies "I don't know." 

Following that his dad in a confessional video shared, "I hear the stories and stuff that has happened, I mean that's not like my son. I haven't totally worked it out in my mind to kind of visualize how this dynamic could have occurred." 


The clip then jumps to Parker and his dad going into a room for a talk, and when his dad asks him to explain, Parker goes speechless. After taking a look at the clip, fans felt that his parents need to raise him all over again if they are shocked by his behavior.  

'The Bachelorette' season 15 - Hannah Brown and Luke Parker - (ABC/John Fleenor)

Taking to Twitter a fan wrote, "Why did these parents teach Luke P to Not lie. It's all he did. Then...he thought he could tell Hannah things she should or shouldn't do. He's not her daddy, and she's certainly not married to him. Luke P IS a bit psycho! His parents need to raise him all over again!" 

Another fan said, "Of course they are shocked because they raised a narcissist and part of making a narcissist is shielding that person from every flaw they have and telling them it’s everyone else’s fault. I’m sure they believe their son is perfect, which is where the problem began." 


Apart from this, some fans also claimed that these are just excuses from his parents and that they are in denial. 

"Such denial, the world saw the real Luke. Hannah is either keeping him for drama to keep the show’s ratings up or she is a crazy to deny all of the signs all season!" wrote a fan. 

While another said, "seems like excuses excuses."

To see how Parker and the rest of the suitors' hometown visits go down, we will have to wait till Monday night when 'the Bachelorette' season 15 returns. 

Check your local listings for more information. 


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