Were 'Bachelor' stars Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron already in touch before his mother died? Fans say yes

Though Tyler and Hannah were first spotted together at the airport, fans have a new theory where they believe the duo might have been in contact earlier

                            Were 'Bachelor' stars Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron already in touch before his mother died? Fans say yes
Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron (ABC/Mark Bourdillon)

Were Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown in contact even before his mom could pass? Fans have a new theory that might get you thinking too. 

Bachelor Nation fans seem to have a lot of speculations in hand. So much so that they do not know which theory is true, or of any of it is true. But that hasn't stopped them from trying to figure out what happened and how everything went down in the lives of 'The Bachelor' alum. 

Recently, Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown have been making the rounds on the internet after they sparked dating rumors. With the current coronavirus lockdown, the 'Bachelor' alum seems to be finding ways to keep themselves busy and entertained.

And that's exactly what Hannah B, Tyler, his brother Ryan Cameron and few friends have been doing. 

They started a TikTok handle known as The Quarantine Crew where they post silly videos. Rumors of the two dating surfaced online after Tyler was seen picking Hannah up from the airport.

And seeing her and Tyler close in their TikTok videos has fans speculating that they might be dating after all. Some also speculate that she must be there to help Tyler take his mind off of his late mom, who passed away recently. 

Though Tyler and Hannah were first spotted together at the airport, fans have a new theory where they think the duo might have been in contact even before the death of his mother. 

Taking to Reddit, a fan speculated that the reason Hannah and Tyler weren't publicly seen together before was because she had signed a contract and wasn't allowed to meet Tyler because Peter's season was on the air.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron (ABC/John Fleenor)

The fan added that after Tyler's mom passed away, Hannah might have broken the contract or would've got a green flag from producers to go to his mother's funeral, because the couple was in the process of reconciling. 

Some fans added that she might've just kept it under the wraps waiting for Peter's season to get over. "Does anyone think that HB and TC might have been in contact and/or possibly rekindled their romance prior to the death of momma C? Due to HB being under contract, she probably wasn't allowed to have any public contact with TC while Peter's season was airing. When momma C passed away, HB might have decided to break her contract or got the go-ahead from the producers to go to the funeral because TC wanted her there due to the fact that HB and TC had already been in contact, and were in the process of reconciliation. This is total speculation, I’m just wondering if anyone else has thought about the possibility of this," a fan speculated. 

Adding to that, a fan wrote, "I've been wondering the same thing!! Maybe she needed to keep it under wraps to keep the potential ending of Peter's season a surprise." 

"Yes, exactly! I know that HB and momma C were close so I would not have been surprised to see HB attend the funeral even if she wasn’t in contact with TC at all, but the fact that she spent several days there with TC makes me think they were in contact before. If they had not been in contact before I think TC would have been more focused on spending time with people who he is closer to and not HB, but if they were in contact and had become at least close friends again prior to momma C's passing it makes more sense," a fan shared. 

Another said, "Possibly, because these pictures just really have me shook. I thought they were Taylor Swift 'I Forgot that You Existed' but maybe they're Taylor Swift 'This Love.'

A fan wrote, "Yes that would make a lot of sense! I think there was some level of communication between them prior to the passing, and then at the funeral, they probably realized that they are important to each other and decided to pursue spending more time together and see what comes of it." 

Fans also speculated that this might have been the reason why Hannah passed up the chance of being 'The Bachelorette' again.

"I think there are probably a lot of reasons that played a factor in her passing up being the Bachelorette, but it seems like this could be one of them for sure!" a fan said. Another wrote, "Hmmmm so perhaps THIS is why she passed up on round 2 of being the Bachelorette??"

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