'The Bachelor': We just witnessed the cringest date ever on the series, all thanks to Hannah Brown

The contestant who won the one-on-one was Hannah Brown who also celebrated her birthday on that fateful day. A double win for her? Here's why we don't think so.

                            'The Bachelor': We just witnessed the cringest date ever on the series, all thanks to Hannah Brown

Season 23 of 'The Bachelor' kicked off with a bang and a lot has already happened in just two episodes.

From witnessing Colton Underwood kissing almost every contestant remaining, to watching quite a show from the NFL player as he took a shower and the series of interruptions and bad blood between contestants, it only seems fair to assume we will see more of the same in the next episode that airs on January 21.


Among all the group dates and the budding romance with the contestants, we got to witness the most cringest date ever. There were two group dates and a one-on-one date as well.

The contestant who won the one-on-one date was Hannah Brown. And the best part about the victory was the double win since it also happened to be Hannah's birthday. 

But sadly she couldn't make the best out of the date and let her nerves get the better of her. The date was really silent and awkward as well. No one, not even fans expected it to turn out the way it did. Her date with Underwood was in a nice secluded place for the couple to get away from the chaos happening in the mansion. But Hannah ended up ruining most of it by being uncomfortable.

Fans claim that this was the cringest date ever and that this is what happens when you are a pageant queen. If you have not prepared, you might find it hard to be spontaneous. Because Hannah found it hard to make a simple birthday toast and when Underwood asked her to talk, she brought out the same old topic of his virginity.


Though his virginity topic is currently dead as of now, she managed to bring it back. Eventually, she managed to get Underwood irritated and unimpressed as well.

He takes her into a hot tub and she managed to make it the worst feeling ever. The whole point of the one-on-one date is to get more comfortable with each other and get to know each other better. But this date turned out to be the opposite, all thanks to Hannah and her nerves.

Underwood came to the verge of not giving her a rose. But then when she opened up to him about how she was actually wanting to save her virginity as well till marriage, that helped break the ice between the two and allowed them to be open with each other.

The couple was finally able to vibe with each other and Hannah eventually got a rose from Underwood.


No other season in 'The Bachelor' had a more cringe-worthy date than this. It was almost a trainwreck. Going by the looks of what happened during this date, it is safe to say that Hannah and Underwood do not belong together and will not make a good couple. It will not be too long before we say goodbye to Hannah Brown.

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