'The Bachelor' Season 24: Victoria Fuller cannot use anxiety to defend her mean and manipulative actions, say fans

'The Bachelor' Season 24: Victoria Fuller cannot use anxiety to defend her mean and manipulative actions, say fans
Victoria Fuller, Peter Weber (ABC)

'The Bachelor' Season 24 is nearing the end of its run and while there are four women left vying for Peter Weber's heart, there is one contestant who has been making headlines recently and that is none other than Victoria Fuller. 

While fans think it's time they stop piling on Victoria F for her bad behavior because she struggles with mental health, they are also of the view that it does not give her the right to be mean with the other women on the series. 

Victoria F has been a controversial contestant on 'The Bachelor' Season 24 for quite some time now. She has been facing backlash from fans and viewers regarding her behavior towards the other contestants and getting caught in her own lies. Over the past episodes, we have seen Victoria F be mean to the other contestants when they cry, despite her crying in every episode herself. 




When the season premiered, Victoria F revealed that she struggles with anxiety. Connecting the mean behavior and anxiety together, fans have concluded that struggling with mental health does not give her the excuse to be mean and manipulative with the other women in the house. Taking to Reddit, fans shared their thoughts on the same.

"I can absolutely believe that VF struggles with anxiety, but given everything we know about her it is bizarre to me that she would choose to go on this show. Also, struggling with mental health isn’t an excuse for bad behavior. She shouldn’t be judged for anxiety (and neither should anyone else) but there are so many other red flags here. Sorry if this isn’t super clear — trying to keep this response spoiler-free," a fan wrote. 


"A lot of people struggle with anxiety, but are decent human beings. Don’t put this on anxiety, if so why was she so harsh towards Kelsey during her crying spells. I agree we shouldn’t be so harsh on Victoria P, or any contestant really, bc we are all human and make mistakes, but at a certain level we have to take responsibility for our actions," a fan shared. 



"People are calling her out because she is mean about other people breakdowns, yet has them herself. Still I agree we do need to avoid piling on her. However, I still don’t particularly like her. Anxiety and making choices that are bad/ hurtful to people are not mutually exclusive. Both can be true. I work in a mental health field and there are plenty of people that have anxiety disorders and they make poor choice irrespective of their anxiety. We are responsible for the choice we make," added a fan. 


While another said, "She is clearly insecure and I’m sure the backlash she’s getting isn’t helping her mental health at all. That said- she is responsible for her actions and opened herself up to public criticism when she applied to be on the show. I hope that she can learn and grow through the pain she has caused others and what she, herself, is now going through." 

'The Bachelor' Season 24 airs every Monday night only on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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