'The Bachelor' Season 24: Ashely P to Peter Weber, the best winning and losing moments from the premiere

The premiere did have some good and bad parts to it, which makes us assume that this might be an unbelievable journey after all

                            'The Bachelor' Season 24: Ashely P to Peter Weber, the best winning and losing moments from the premiere
Peter Weber (ABC) on 'The Bachelor'

It's a happy day for the rose lovers as 'The Bachelor' Season 24 premiered on ABC. 

The season premiere aired for three hours, and we were in for a lot of surprises, and surprisingly, not a lot of drama. Throughout the premiere we witnessed Peter Weber embark on his journey to find true love, and along with that came a bouquet of kisses, and puns; a couple good, some bad, most boring. 

Chris Harrison promised us an unbelievable journey right after they showed us a preview of the finale night when he delivers some really unsettling news to Peter. But that kept aside, the premiere this week did have some good and bad parts to it, which makes us assume that this might be an unbelievable journey after all. 

There is a lot that went down in the first episode of 'The Bachelor' Season 24, apart from the women throwing themselves at Pilot Pete and fighting for his attention. Here is a rundown of the winning moments from the premiere episode, and the losing moments too. 



Madison Prewett made a grand entrance (ABC)

It might just be the premiere, but fans are already rooting for one particular contestant, who rose to be a fan favorite in no time. Madison Prewett became a favorite amongst fans and viewers who wish Peter marries the contestant. According to Reality Steve, Madison is also a virgin. She was also the contestant who won the first one-on-one date with Peter, who took her to meet his family, on their first date. Though she makes a big entrance with a paper plane, she does seem to have a sweet nature that has fans rooting for her right away. 

Cow aka Ashley P:

The best entrance of the night hands down goes to Jenna. Not for the way she entered, but because of who she entered with. Ashley P aka Jenna's 'emotionally supportive cow' has taken the internet by storm with fans going wild for the animal. Ashley P seems to be the only contestant to ever matter to fans and viewers. She is downright cute, cuddly and curvy. 


Kelly Flanagan was one of the contestants vying for Peter Weber's heart, but she had an advantage. Prior to her entry during her introduction, she revealed that Peter had already met her at a hotel lobby once. And when she entered, he remembered her and the two apparently danced together when they first met. The attorney from Chicago also went on a first date with Peter when he took her flying. Fans seem to be rooting for her, claiming she should have gotten the first impression rose from Peter. 


Hannah Brown: 

Okay, we love her, but let that girl get a break. Her appearance during the premiere twice has had fans in a fit of rage who question if the channel will be having her on every reality tv show henceforth. Some fans also claim that this will be the reason the season might end up being a train wreck. Hannah Brown appears twice, just in the premiere, and Peter requests her to stay in the mansion. But will she?

Windmill and Airplane puns: 


We got to admit, we have had enough and plenty of the windmill and airplane puns on the series. Fans claim that approximately 18 times the contestants have mentioned Peter Weber and him having sex in the windmill just during the premiere, and it makes us wonder what nightmares are ahead of us in the forthcoming episodes. Just in the premiere, we had a contestant walk in with a windmill on her back along with a contestant playing mini-golf along with Peter with a windmill as the post. And let's not forget about the plane puns. From a giant paper plane entrance to paper planes being thrown at Peter to get his attention, fans and viewers have had enough of it, and hope it ends with this. 

Peter Weber: 


Finally, the one thing viewers have hated since Day 1 is having Peter Weber as 'The Bachelor' himself. Meanwhile, fans had other contestants like Derek Peth or Mike Johnson in their minds when it came to 'The Bachelor'. However, now it seems too late as fans are still not happy with him. Apart from having sex with Hannah Brown in the windmill four times, we feel there isn't anything else he has achieved during his appearance.

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