'The Bachelor' Season 24: Peter Weber faces the wrath of the ladies after he gives rose to a wild card entrant

Peter Weber, the bachelor gets countered by his lovely ladies left, right and center after he does something unforgivably evil

                            'The Bachelor' Season 24: Peter Weber faces the wrath of the ladies after he gives rose to a wild card entrant
Peter Weber in 'The Bachelor'(ABC)

It isn't every day that a group of women vying for the love of one man on a reality show stand up to him, but we've seen strange things on 'The Bachelor' this time.

This week, it appeared that the women had enough of the drama and Peter's inability to make a decision and stick to it after Alayah Benevidez comes walking in the door after being sent home last week was too much.

Here's some context for those of you who are new to this rollercoaster called 'The Bachelor' Season 24. Sydney Hightower, for no reason at all, decided to snitch to Peter that one of the ladies in the house, a.k.a Alayah, isn't who she claims to be. Peter enquires about the claim and decides to follow what Victoria Paul tells him instead of using his own judgment. Obviously, it all falls apart.

Everyone's relieved that Alayah the drama-pot stirrer is gone, but this week, bam! she's back. Just before she heads into the mansion though, the girls had just come back from a taxing group date with Peter involving playing actual football. Sore knees and the like. Now imagine their frustration when Peter gives the rose away to Alayah, who just stepped back in, instead of the girls who physically fought for the date. 

"Are you freaking kidding me?" groans Tammy. Hannah Ann says, "A girl who got the rose wasn’t even on the date!" Then, Peter just waves goodbye and leaves. On their next date, he acts like all is forgotten but Deandra Kanu had something to say.

"Can I say something really quick? I’m sorry Peter, but I’ve never felt so under-recognized by somebody. And for us who busted our ass out there on the football field and literally have the physical bruises to show, and then for you to come to the cocktail party and ignore us, half of us, who didn’t get time, and then walk in hand-in-hand with Alayah, it was like the biggest slap in the face. Like, I couldn’t even look at you," she says without taking a breath.

Natasha Parker weighs in, "For you to give it to her of all people, it really, really, really hurt."

Peter offers a weak apology and claims he's sorry and that he's not perfect. We think that it really isn't about being perfect Peter, they're just asking you to snap out of the non-commonsense zone you're in.

There was no rose ceremony this week so we'll have to wait and see how our fiesty women who nudge him once in a while in the right direction, do in the contest to win Peter's love. Catch 'The Bachelor' on ABC on Monday nights at 8/7c.

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