'The Bachelor' Season 24: Fans switch sides to support Hannah Ann after weeks of hate, say she deserves better

One thing that most viewers realized after watching tonight's episode was that Hannah, though she might be young, is really in love with Peter

                            'The Bachelor' Season 24: Fans switch sides to support Hannah Ann after weeks of hate, say she deserves better
Hannah Ann and Peter Weber (ABC/John Fleenor)

Fans' hearts are currently breaking for Hannah Ann as they are certain that Peter Weber is going to break her heart after stringing her along this entire season on 'The Bachelor'.

After what felt like a long season, 'The Bachelor' has finally reached its end. Part 1 of the two-night finale aired on Monday night finally revealing who Peter's mother Barbara Weber was crying about.

We also got to see Peter excruciatingly sit and talk about his fantasy suite night and about having sex with both Hannah Ann and Victoria F to his family.

As for who Barb was crying about? She was crying about Hannah Ann claiming she's an "angel" and that Madison Prewett wasn't the right one for him, mainly because of her beliefs.

We got to see why tears are Peter's weakness after Barb's over-the-top crying. However, what shocked us the most was seeing Peter telling his mother to quit shedding those tears, as he loves Madison more.

Sadly Madison didn't feel the same as she opens up to him during their final date and leaves. This leaves Peter heartbroken and was almost a throwback to 'The Bachelorette' when Hannah Brown dumped him.

Somehow, he gathers himself up the next day for his final date with Hannah who is head over heels in love with him and has it lodged in her mind that Peter is going to pick her. 


After their date, that very night Peter met Hannah in her suite and revealed that his heart is, "being pulled in two different directions". This clearly left Hannah broken as she shared, "It's not what I want to hear. It just hurts when I'm so sure and you're not. That's what hurts to hear. But I respect your honesty and I know from my standpoint I can’t do anything more." 

Cut to the preview of tomorrow's finale episode, Chris Harrison teases that we will get to see more of Madison, and unfortunately Barb too. This has fans wondering if Peter is going to break Hannah's heart at the very last moment if Madison returns. 

Over the past weeks, ever since the series premiered, Hannah Ann has always been looked at like the kid/bad person as she faced tons of flak from fans and viewers. But one thing that most fans and viewers realized after watching tonight's episode was that Hannah though she might be young, is really in love with Peter. 

Taking to Twitter post-Monday night's episode, fans affirm their hearts are breaking for Hannah, affirming that she deserves better. "Wait, crap. When did I start liking and feeling bad for how much Hannah Ann is in love with Peter? #TheBachelor," a fan wrote. 

"My heart is literally breaking for Hannah Ann. #TheBachelor," a fan wrote.

Another said, "I almost forgot Hannah Ann. Pete is going to string her along, take a special moment from her (i.e. a proposal) and break her heart. I hope she comes for him at #ATFR. Yeah, he’s going to break up with her for his OnE tRUe LoVe but that won’t excuse his actions #TheBachelor." 



"I don’t care if Hannah Ann is only 14 she deserves better #thebachelor," a fan shared while another wrote, "I feel so bad for Hannah Ann. It is so clear that Peter cares for Madi way more & he is keeping H.A. pretty much as a back up at this point." 

"What I can't get over is the fact that Peter may pull an Arie on Hannah Ann. That girl has been nothing but supportive to him and doesn't deserve such. #TheBachelor," a fan shared.

Do you think Peter is going to pull an Arie on Hannah Ann? Let us know in the comments below. 

'The Bachelor' Season 24 will return on Tuesday night for the finale. Check your local listings for more information.

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